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Apr 13, 2010

it was ok

well, the cover is a lot better than the book, which I was very very dissapointed in. I was hoping that something truly exciting would happen, but nooo. INstead Sam turns out to be just another jurk and astrid is almost stuck up, and the plot is kinda slow and plain. No exciting turns or anything. NOt to mention that they're SILL not over!
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message 1: by Katrina (new)

Katrina lol i dont know but it does look like it to me........ o i really need to go to the library!!!!!! TO get Hunger and Lies then i will read all night just to find out!

Anna well tell me when youi find out. My library won't have it for a while.!

message 3: by Katrina (new)

Katrina k i will

Summer She's not pregnant, no worries haha.

Summer Do you have one in mind? I got kind of ticked off at Sam by the way. I didn't know why he had to keep sujesting things. He even got mad about it!

message 6: by Summer (last edited May 10, 2010 11:48PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Summer Who's the guy on the back supposed to anyways? I mean, it looks more like Sanjit than Drake me but evidently, that's who it is acording to common opinion. Weird.

message 7: by Casey (new)

Casey UGH! thanks for ruining the book ANNA! oH WELL...

message 8: by Casey (new)

Casey UGH! thanks for ruining the book ANNA! oH WELL...

message 9: by Katrina (new)

Katrina Thanks anna...... i am still gonna read the books!!!! I am half way through Hunger but unforchently i left it at school! So....... maybe i will think otherwise when i finish hunger and lies! But i highly doubt it :)

Caylee I agree with you about the book, I hated it.

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