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Fires of Man by Dan Levinson
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I was given a copy of "Fires of Man" by author Dan Levinson in exchange for an honest review.  Also, I'm participating in a virtual book tour hosted by


"Fires of Man" introduces us to planet Earth.  The two strongest nations Calchis and Orion have been slowly starting to clash and a war is inevitable.  With the vast desert that separates the two, Calchis has intentions to destroy the desert and Orion.  Deploying their most destructive and capable weapon they have, they release Agent.

Agent, AKA John Black, is the most feared person on planet Earth.  There isn't much known about who this person is.  What is known is that from the age of 6 he was being taught by his father the art of war.  By the time of 7 he had killed his first person.  Discovering that he possess special powers, he is capable of moving at exceptionally fast speed and can burn a man to ashes with just his thoughts.  With all of these skills combined, he has earned a reputation and the most feared man.

Stockton Finn has been recruited by Orion.  The most unlikely person to ever be in the military, Finn struggles with who he has to become.  He's an introvert, shy, and lacks belief in himself.  He is being trained to tap into his powers to kill, but he deep in his heart he knows that there has to be another way other than murder.

Officer Nyne Allen has been recruited at a young age.  Now having been in the Psi corps for 15 years, he is starting to realize that he has missed out on some things in life.  When many of his fellow officers have families, Nyne doesn't.  He is still struggling with the shattered relationship that he had with fellow officer Kay Barrett.  He knows that he still loves her, but he also has to keep his attention on his job...but she is all that he can think of at times.

Officer Kay Barrett has had a tough life and she is set on trying to overcome the memories of her childhood.  Her brother had disappeared when she was a child.  Having been deeply affected by this, she resorted to destructive measures before being recruited into the Psi corps.  Then Nyne Allen came into her life.  He totally turned her world upside down, but being unprepared emotionally for a relationship, things were put on hold with her.  Now she focuses on being the best trainer in the military and make the soldiers become the best they have.

Aaron has been picked up by Agent.  He has the potential to be a powerful ally in the war.  It's just that he needs to work and tap into his powers that Agent knows he possess.  Basically being taken under the wings of Agent, he starts to learn what he is capable of, plus what Agent is about.  Only problem is that Aaron also believes that there has got to be another way to go about this conflict.  Destruction can not be the only answer to this.

Faith Santia is on an expedition and archeological dig in the northern Zenith.  The frozen lands is home to the Zenithian tribes.  With pyramids and mysterious artifacts being discovered, Faith is on a quest to discover the secrets of the people and of Earth.  Only problem that she is encountering is Dr. Durban.  With his hatred for Faith, he is out to sabotage her expedition and make thing impossible for her.

With everything going on between the two warring nations, it's all comes down to these key characters to who this war will turn out.  Will it be the mysteries in the northern Zenith that will help pull this war to one side or another?  Will it be the powers that some of these people possess that help win the war?  Or will there be another option to this war?


This was a great book that introduced so many interesting characters.  The author did a remarkable job creating each person and letting you get a great insight into what makes each tick.

Levinson also did a superb job in describing the planet Earth.  The way he created this new world and how he is so descriptive, you feel as if you are traversing the world yourself.  I found myself being wrapped up in more in what was going on in the northern Zenith than any more aspect of the book.

If you are into epic sci-fi books, then this would be an exceptional read for you to invest the time in.

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