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Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake by Sarah MacLean
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Apr 12, 2010

it was ok


It was a enjoyable read overall. It's light hearted without all those unconvential villians and secrets for the sake of having a plot. It just focuses on Callie's hilarious determination to break the rules, being a spinster at twenty-eight years old, while falling for Ralston, a rake who gets in her way. Callie also chaperones his half young sister, Juliana, so they get closer. Throw in a slight problem of the hero secretly betting against the heroine before realizing he loves her, and Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake is born.

As I said, it's light hearted so I didn't mind that there were no drama-drama going on. I was actually suprised that the love scenes were explicit but it was well done and hot. That factor added more tension between the characters so I liked it. Callie was a sympathetic character, slight annoying at times, but it was fun going through her journey to finally find her HEA. She doesn't dance, sits at the spinsters table, but is wealthy and is joked from behind while she struggles to keep her reputation - the only thing she has until she makes the List.

I don't know, she got guts for doing those stuff but it was funny. As for Ralston - I didn't care for him at all. We get that he's those heroes that denies his love even 3/4 through the book but wants her for himself, etc. He was just another historical hero I've read, so nothing new about him really. It was all Callie. She doesn't care about money, titles and such, just love. She knew what she wanted but refuses anything less without saying her reasons. It was brave of her and I liked that aspect. She doesnt let go of her promises and charges onward. There are aspects I didn't like about her, but meh, I guess it fits with the time period so I won't comment on that.

What I didn't like was how some scenes are left hanging and ignored once Callie and Ralston meet again. It fell flat for their developing relationship. One example is when Callie and Ralston argue and part ways angrily with the idea that Ralston is meeting his mistress (to dismiss her, of course.) Callie is hurt by this and weeps. Next day, she gets slightly hurt accidently meeting with Ralston. Small argument over danger, then he flirts and kisses her and Callie forgets everything. Uh, what happened? It's always the damn make out scene! What the hell is the point of that scene when it's ignored later on? Where's Callie's hurt and anger? No, it's easily forgotten because of the convinient timing.

Which brings me to my second dislike. While there are no villians nor secret linage, there is that word called 'convinience'. Their arguments were witty and meant to built their feelings, but when it strikes Callie in the heart, this novel doesnt do a great job. God, I can't say grovelling scene once the hero apologizes in just a few sentences and the heroine ignores it and feigns indifference but srikes back to the very words so the hero is guilty. Yeah, there's the Callie who doesn't let him walk all over her! There's a small scene or two afterwards so extend it but ya'll know what happens next: they lock lips. Damn it, there it is again. For heat and sexual tension, yeah didn't mind that, but the emotional aspect of hurt failed.

And what made me about to throw the book was the climax. Here, this fun, light read of a likable heroine breaking the rules. Because Callie finds the ultimate betrayal in her mind. She's hurt and angry. Chaos ensues. Hero goes to duel the next day and Callie finds out and worries. The fucking next day, Callie is shrieking on the hill to stop which distracts the hero who gets shot. Insert weeping, sorry, love and they get married. HEA. What the hell. Halfway through the book was so damn convinient. But I reminded myself that this was light-hearted so it was to be expected. It pissed me off, but it was supposed to be.

Overall, if you can ignored nitpicks and some cliche characters, then it is an fun read. The plot is hilarious as is the situations the heroine finds herself in. Liked it.
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message 1: by Sobia (new)

Sobia Thanks for the honest and detailed review! You told me exactly what I needed to know!

message 2: by Kim (last edited May 31, 2010 09:31PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Kim H Good job, Lola. Sums it up nicely.

Catrina I think you had some great points, Lola, but I had a hard time understanding what you meant in some parts of your review.
What exactly did you mean by "convenience"?

message 4: by Lola (last edited Nov 08, 2010 06:07AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Lola Catrina wrote: "I think you had some great points, Lola, but I had a hard time understanding what you meant in some parts of your review.
What exactly did you mean by "convenience"?"

I think I mentioned it above. As I said, when they fight and part ways, there's always another scene that takes over when they meet again that they automatically forget what they fought about before. It's convinient so they can start their flirting again without going back - or at least not paying too much attention . From there, it doesn't progress - at least to me - their relationship at all. Sure they get intimate, but emotion-wise, it's like a time-skip and a standstill.

But that's just me =)

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