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Ecstasy Unveiled by Larissa Ione
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Apr 12, 2010

it was amazing
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I laughed. I teared up. I froze in horror, almost crushing my book as I remained glued to the pages. I wasn't scared, though, like I had been during Shade and Wraith's stories. Upon reading Ecstasy Unveiled, I discovered why I was so wary: fear of the drama between the couples as opposed to the trials and tribulations the characters were forced to endure. Drama and I do not mix, and Larissa's writing absorbs me in a way other PNR authors usually fail to do, thus, making the prior two stories in the series almost emotionally draining for me.

My opinion of Shade has decreased dramatically. He upset me so much in this book. It might have been because particular scenes were in E's point of view, however, I feel that Eidolon was the more composed of the two brothers during the... trials that occurred at the hospital. Wraith also disappointed me in a way, primarily because he tends to flip flop between being a "neutral" party, or teaming up against Eidolon. He is still entertaining, though. There is one scene between Wraith and Tayla where Stewie is mentioned, and I started cracking up. It's those kinds of moments that truly make a book memorable.

Enough about the three brothers we know and love though. Ecstasy Unveiled is about the eldest--and most ignorant--of the Sem brothers, introduced around the middle of Passion Unleashed. Lore's character, while tortured by his own shaky past, is stronger in ways the other brothers are not. This cold assassin knows how to endure. He knows when he is fighting a losing battle, and when to give in, which makes the interactions betwixt him and Idess so sexy in the beginning of the book. Towards the end he gets a bit more stubborn, but one can't really blame him for it.

I was salivating while reading this book. The attraction between man and woman was sizzling, enchanting, and more importantly, convincing. The shameless part of me wishes that there was more. More sex, more funny interactions, more moments where Lore and Idess kick major butt.

In regards to Sin, it will be interesting to see the approach Larissa takes in order to solve the problem this young woman unknowingly has caused. Likewise, how will Conrad contribute to the story, aside from being drool-worthy? I'm confident that Sin and Con's story will be exciting, especially because the two aren't your typical "good guy/girl" duo. I'll leave what I actually mean when I say that to your imaginations. Guess you'll just have to read Ecstasy Unveiled to see what I mean, huh?

I think I am enjoying angel stories a lot more as of late. Between Idess and Olivia (The Darkest Passion), these angels are kinky little seductresses! It is extremely amusing and way too ironic when an angel is trying to seduce a demon, and the demon is the one concerned about his partner's purity

Once again, I highly suggest that readers look into the Demonica series. Ms. Ione's writing, characters, and plots continue to develop and improve, making each story even better than the last.

Oh, and Larissa? Keep writing about the chains ;)
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