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Iodine  by David Brownstein
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it was ok

Crucially important information. Excruciatingly poor writing style and presentation.

This book is just as poorly written as the one on salt, and I admit that I found it very hard to get through it just because of the grade school level, repetitive and painfully boring writing style. The little bit of  information it contains, however, has made this struggle worth it, I believe. Nevertheless, it can also be summarise in a single line: Everyone should supplement with milligram doses (not microgram as the RDA suggests) of Iodine/Iodide in order to maintain adequate levels of this crucial element on which depend every single cell in the body, but especially the glands: thyroid, mammary, prostate, pancreas, etc, all of which concentrate and need a lot more iodine than regular tissues.  Best and by far the least expensive form is Lugol's generic liquid solution or the proprietary tableted form called Iodoral (by Optimox). Brownstein suggests that for some people better results are obtained if combined with ATP cofactors (simple B2 and B3 combo, also made by Optimox).
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message 1: by John (new)

John Macgregor Very good review, & thanks for the succinctness of your summary.

Guillaume Belanger You're welcome.

Skyqueen While I agree with your observation of repetitiveness and grade school level style, I think that may have been intended. Some people only pick up a book, flip through to a chapter and start reading. Therefore, each chapter, I'm surmising, probably can stand alone. Ditto for the 'average' reader on comprehension ability and complexity of presentation that will put them off if not simplified. So it's a shame for the two stars which might discourage some people from the wonderful benefits if they don't bother to look further at your complete review. ...I find most people to be quite lazy and want everything in a quick glance, capsulated form with no research effort on their part.
Your review is very complete, but there again some people want MORE...the whys and wherefores and research and case studies.
The only thing I would add is that Terry's Naturally provides a supplement with the three forms of iodine, and one with additional L-tyrosine to enhance thyroid function. I don't know about Terry's website but the Health Food Store I shop has a handout printed by him that explains the reason for the three forms of iodine. He also recommends this book. I have used both the Iodoral and Terry's with great success, but prefer Terry's because of the three forms and it is relatively the same price, which is very cheap for such a great benefit. I also take the B2 and B3. My next foray is into Curcumin which Terry says is the ONE supplement he would take if that was the only one he could. I dunno, seems Iodine is a god-send for me.
Thanks Guillaume.

message 4: by Guillaume (last edited Nov 29, 2015 01:10AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Guillaume Belanger Skyqueen wrote: "While I agree with your observation..."
Thanks for your message. I also agree with your observations :) My ratings rate the book, and I try to balance its value in terms of the information it carries and the way in which it is written and this information is presented. Maybe the alternative would be to have two rates: one for potential value of information, and another for style. In that case I would have given a 4 stars for the first, and 0 for the second. It's not surprising the (4+0)/2 = 2. Having said that my heading to the review reads "Crucially important information. Excruciatingly poor writing style and presentation." and this says basically all I want the potential reader to know.

Skyqueen Yes, you have identified the difficulty I have in rating books, movies, almost anything. There is the value of the information, the presentation, and then what we are most often asked to do, rate whether we liked it or not. So it is almost a mute point in any case. Because there are a ton of things I like that are certainly not worthwhile and most likely not technically superior but I quite enjoy. Then they are the meticulous, well-organized and presented facts which I may not like much or even agree with. So it becomes very confusing and difficult from my personal vantage point to give them what they want, or second guess what they want. And, of course, our reviews are quite frankly, our unpaid opinions!! So that says it all. Yes, your heading sums it up nicely. I think I just didn't want it to off-put someone's benefit from the content. But then again, if they are that stringent and narrow-minded, maybe they need to be culled from the gene pool. !! OMG I think I was just PIC (politically INcorrect)! Oh well. At least no one paid for it, right? Thanks again. I'm going to have to check out some of your other reviews.

Guillaume Belanger Skyqueen wrote: "I'm going to have to check out some of your other reviews...."
I invite you to check out my blogs: and where I express a lot more than I do in these short reviews.

Spritti Bee With the information he is sharing, his goal is to educate the masses - and in case some have not noticed, the masses (who are often eating at McDonald’s and not even taking vitamins) are in dire need of a health makeover. His book completes the objective: to make it clear in plain language that they are doing their selves and children a disservice if they don’t ingest enough iodine. I’ll save my criticism of writing style for those who are not undertaking such important tasks for the health of the nation (even though I completely understand your point of view).

Brooke I couldn’t agree more! The info is so important, but this book was written very poorly and poorly put together as well. It’s already short, but it really should have been much, much shorter. If I would have paid full price for this I would have been pretty disappointed.

That said, I’ve been using iodine for about a month now and feel so much better. There’s definitely key information here!

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