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Sunset by Erin Hunter
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Apr 11, 2010

really liked it

This book in this series is all about loyalty, and family vs. clans. The main character in this book is named Brambleclaw, the other characters are almost as important as him. Squirrelflight is his mate, which for a long time is not really. She doesn't trust him for a long time because he has a brother named Hawkfrost. Hawkfrost is from a different clan and he seems very evil. Squirrelflight sees that evilness and doesn't like Bramblecalw hanging out with Hwkfrost. Bramblecalw does not see the evilness and thinks Hawkfrost is good and he can't stop trusting him because they are brothers.

I've seen this a lot of times in other people's families that I know, they have to pick between family and their passion or their friends. I personally don't think that is a fair two choices to choose between. I think you should be able to have both of those, not have to choose between them. These two halves are the halves of you and taking one away is like taking away a part of you.

Another part of the book is about Mistyfoot not being able to trust Hawkfrost. Mistyfoot is the deputy of Riverclan and she knows that Hawkfrost wants her spot and is ready to to anything for it, just like his father Tigerclaw.

Just like I said about the other book, people would kill for what they want. Any kind of people too. All the good ones and bad ones.But not everyone one has loyalty to anybody or anything. Since they have no loyalty and no one or they can't trust anyone, they have nothing to lose.


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