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Sanctuary Unbound by Moira Rogers
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Apr 11, 2010

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Read from May 21 to 22, 2010

Why I read: Author asked for a review and I really enjoy this series.

Favorite Quote: "Cindy." Her name rumbled out of him, sounding like a caress. An invitation. Which it is.

Vampire Adam Dubois is an old friend of alpha, and Red Rock Sanctuary’s leader, Gavin. They go way back and Gavin has asked him to come to Red Rock to help with trouble brewing. Recco, an alpha in a neighboring Helena pack, is helping feed a vampire with blood bonds. The vampire has bound himself to many, many wolves and the members of Red Rock are ready to take action. Adam can help – having done a similar thing eighty long years ago.

When he arrives in Red Rock, he meets the pack doctor, Cindy Sheppard. Cindy is a no-nonsense, glamour-free woman who is quite high up on the alpha chain. After she was turned into a werewolf, she survived three horrific years with a ruthless alpha and has never told anyone the true extent of the violence she went through. When she meets Adam, her offer to give her some blood and power, with no strings attached, quickly turns into much more than they both bargained for. With an impending war on the horizon, they must make the decision to let their pasts go, into an uncertain future.

Sanctuary Unbound is book four in Moira Roger’s Red Rock Pass series. Adam, the elusive flannel wearing, vampire lumberjack is plopped down into Red Rock after spending many, many years by himself in a remote part of Maine. Besides the occasional, random woman warming his bed, he has not had a lot of practice socializing. Gavin, now getting on in years, even for a werewolf, is under extreme stress and his health is failing. Due to those circumstances, Adam agrees to make the trip.

His romance with Cindy builds up pretty fast. They both have an instant physical attraction, and their romance scenes were very hot and spicy, just like Moira Rogers always writes. They make a nice pair, both so attracted to each other and not giving a damn what anyone else thinks about their match. I love that Adam gets turned on by her worn jeans, and simple style.

I do wish Adam would have shown himself to be a little more inept with the fellow members of Red Rock. Having spent years by himself and apparently being a bit more on the colder side, I think he warmed up to everyone really quick. I like that his is a gentleman, and his protective side over Cindy is very apparent, but with his background I would have liked to see him a bit more surly, or more apprehensive with being around a big group of people suddenly.

I also wasn’t quite into the mystery so much as with the previous books. Maybe because the villain is never really showcased until the very end. He kind of was looked at from afar the entire book, so it was harder to feel his impact throughout the story. However, the ending battle scene is written very well. With a strong emphasis on the romance, Moira Rogers doesn’t leave the action behind.

Overall, Sanctuary Unbound is a nice addition to the Red Rock Pass series although I didn’t quite enjoy it as much as their previous ones.

Rating: 3.5/5
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