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Promise of Blood by Brian  McClellan
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As I work through my To-read list, we come to another book I added around 2014. This one was after Mr. McClellan had been interviewed by Sword and Laser (and 4 years before I'd ever heard of Brandon Sanderson). His idea of powder mages - a Napoleanic look at magic sounded incredibly refreshing. I was never a big fantasy person, preferring science fiction, but so much of the fantasy I'd come across was stuck in Tolkien's shadow - medieval-ish with dwarves and elves and so on. Of course, in the time since I heard about this book I've read all of Sanderson's Cosmere novels and others have also taken a look at other fantasy genres like Silk-punk. But that didn't make this book any less good, only less special.

There are two things I really liked about this book, making it rise up in my estimation. First up, the book is essentially two plots wound together. One concerns Tamas, the man looking somewhat like Sean Bean from the Game of Thrones post on this book cover. He decides for both personal and altruistic reasons to overthrow the monarchy. His story is about how hard that can be. The other concerns Adamat, an investigator who has been tasked by Tamas to figure out a series of mysteries. Either one would be interesting on its own. Like, I wouldn't mind a mystery series set in this world (or many of Sanderson's Cosmere worlds, for that matter). And, of course, the story of a coup, when done well is a thrilling read. By tying them together, McClellan doesn't let either plot get stale.

The other thing I like about this book is that the characters act pretty believable for the world they're in. They don't suffer from holding the idiot ball or too many cliches, tropes, and plot armor. Overall, they are suspicious when they should be and clueless when caught off guard. And, at least for this entry into the trilogy, McClellan sidesteps some tropes that are often not executed well - like having to work with your ex. Whether those plots are revisited later or have been over-taken by plot elements, time will tell.

Overall, I'm quite glad to have finally gotten around to this book. (And his newest one about a demon who repossesses souls sounds pretty funny) I'll definitely be reading the next book in the trilogy to see where things go. That said, this is one of those trilogies where the end of the first book is an OK stopping point. Every since plotline hasn't been resolved, but the main arcs of this book reach conclusions while still leaving room for the reader to imagine what happens next. (Although you don't have to imagine if you just go on to the next book!)
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June 26, 2014 – Shelved
June 26, 2014 – Shelved as: to-read
April 24, 2019 – Started Reading
April 25, 2019 –
1.0% "Another book I added in 2014 that I'm finally getting to.

Talk about a suspenseful setup in those first few pages. I'm only to where Inspector Adamat has JUST learned why things are so quiet."
April 26, 2019 –
4.0% "Still lots of world-building"
April 27, 2019 –
9.0% "I like that McClellan respects the readers enough to have the characters be genre-savvy. Tamas knows there might be royalists. Adamat knows to send his family away rather than have them available as ransom during a civil war."
April 28, 2019 –
11.0% "Planning phase meets execution"
April 29, 2019 –
16.0% "Finally things start moving forward. Adamat realizes someone's been naughty in the library and Taniel realizes he's up against something more than he thought. Also, a look at some of Pole's powers."
April 30, 2019 –
18.0% "Exciting stairwell fight. If I already wasn't newly addicted to Stardew Valley, I think I'd be reading this book in all my free time."
May 1, 2019 –
24.0% "I like how things are developing here and I think we're about to have a mini-climax."
May 3, 2019 –
34.0% "A slow burn, but a good one."
May 4, 2019 –
34.0% "Things get even darker"
May 4, 2019 –
36.0% "Things get even darker"
May 5, 2019 –
41.0% "Crazy tension"
May 7, 2019 –
50.0% "I love that it alternates between a detective story and a war story. It's like two books in one."
May 13, 2019 –
55.0% "Things just got crazy"
May 14, 2019 –
56.0% "The hunt provides some humor and some drama"
May 15, 2019 –
60.0% "A double-double crossing and the battle begins in earnest"
May 16, 2019 –
62.0% "Tamas' fate revealed"
May 21, 2019 –
66.0% "investigations continue"
May 22, 2019 –
73.0% "Arch-Diocel's grounds is a hilarious scene"
May 24, 2019 –
74.0% "McClellan handles Nila's story so well. Not unbelievable."
May 25, 2019 – Shelved as: sword-challenge-2019
May 25, 2019 – Finished Reading

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Stephanie Griffin Great review! Nice link to “TV Tropes”! I’ve got this book on my never-ending TBR. Really must move it up.

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