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The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone
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Apr 10, 2010

it was amazing
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Read in April, 2010

What's the book about?

This is not just a food diet it is a life diet. It shows you how to look at food in a new way consciously and decide for yourself if it is something I want in my body.

Like countless celebrities before her, actress Alicia Silverstone has put together a book that she says reveals the secrets of how she stays fit and healthy. In The Kind Diet, Silverstone she swears that a diet of only organic, vegan diet, free of meat, dairy, white sugar and processed foods is what keeps her fit and healthy.

In The Kind Diet, Silverstone reveals that she is a passionate animal activist and environmentalist. She says a plant-based diet is not only good for your body but also saves animals and is one of the "greenest" things you can do.

In her opinion "a plant-based diet requires less fuel, water and other resources than animal products, and following a vegan diet is one of the best things you can do to lose weight, improve your health and the health of our planet," says Silverstone.

This is a fact. I wanted to see if this was just a bunch of hot air. In addition, it is fact take a look on the internet and there are many articles out there that back up her theory.

What You Can Eat?

Silverstone encourages readers to switch to an organic (whenever possible), plant-based diet, and rich in whole grains, sea vegetables, and foods many Americans have never tasted, like dikon, shoyu, and lotus root.

Big No is for the diet is Meat, Dairy anything processed. In basic terms if you want to buy something ready made it has to be organic and say all natural.

Included in the book are 100 delicious recipes that range from main meals to desserts to prove that eating vegetarian is not about just eating grass. You can eat a wonderful variety of foods even if it is vegetarian.

How It Works

Readers choose from three different stage points into The Kind Diet, from the first, "flirting," stage to the "ultimate superhero" stage. The flirt level encourages readers slowly replace meats with plant-based foods and suggests they will see immediate results to spur them on to the next level. This is the stage most people will stick to; it is just taking baby steps to a healthy eating and Making better choices.

The book is full of information anecdotes, cooking advice, eating-out strategies, and motivational tips encourage readers to stick with their chosen plan for four weeks before moving on to the next phase.

The recipes in the book are outstanding. They are satisfying and yes, they are very yummy.

Based on her personal experiences and philosophy, Silverstone also claims the vegan lifestyle will lead to clearer skin, higher energy levels, mental clarity, and smoother digestive function.

At this point, I do not see it but as you know, change does not happen over night.

As for exercise, The Kind Diet recommends going outside for walks, playing games or sports with friends, practicing yoga, or engaging in fun exercises three to five times a week. Silverstone prefers activities that allow you to commune with nature to the rigors of the gym.

Food for Thought

The Kind Diet does a good job of making readers' aware of where food comes from and the impact it has beyond our bodies. And most of us would benefit from shifting to a diet with more plant foods and fewer animal products.

The Kind Diet is not for everyone, but if you have ever wanted to try a vegetarian diet, the "flirt" stage is a nice way to experiment with eating more plant foods. Taking it to the "superhero" stage is probably too drastic for most people, because it requires dedication, commitment, and a consultation with a registered dietitian or health-care provider.

I absolutely recommend this book for anyone who wants to eat healthier. Just because this promotes a began diet, it does not force a complete vegan diet down your throat. It shows you ways you can make better choices when it comes to food.

Now I am on the flirt stage and I think I am going to on it for a long while. However, what this book has done is it has made me look at food in a new way. I read the labels and packaging better. Before I never use to do that.

I would just look for what is on sale and throw it in my wagon. Now I look very carefully at what is in the product and if the ingredients are something I do not know, I put it back. I make better choices.

I eat more greens and less sugary junk food. However, if I do want a sugary junk food I make it myself replacing the high sugar and un-healthy crap for healthier ingredients.

Okay so information in this book is not new. It has been around forever but Miss Silverstone did something that I did not get from the other books. She made it so I understand and its fun. It is not a chore reading this book. It is something I look forward to, for over week this book has not been back on my bookshelf that is how much I read or scan through the book for recipes. I know this book will be a staple in my fight to get healthier.
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