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After Life Lessons by Laila Blake
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it was amazing

Book Review by Nicole McCurdy for Bex 'n' Books
Disclosure: This ebook was provided by the author in exchange for an HONEST and not necessarily positive review.

I’m going to jump right in here and say that I am in fact in the desperately unpopular minority that just could not get into The Walking Dead. I have absolutely nothing against zombies, vampires, werewolves or wee ghosties, but I need the story to progress, I need something to keep me hooked so I tried to go into this zombie apocalypse with an open mind.
After Life Lessons is a book set in 2016 in a zombie infested USA and tracks the constant struggle for survival of Emily a young British woman and her American son Song. Along the way they meet and befriend ex-soldier Aaron, a fiercely loyal, gun-toting Georgia born boy.
So…Right now, all I want to do is gush about this book; like make a bullet-point list in huge bold capital letters why you should read this novel and send your thank you cards to me after for recommending the awesomeness of it and secondly to the authors for actually writing it. It’s simply got everything going for it and then some. It has a depth of emotion, action and drama that rivals the Marianas Trench- a feat that is often difficult to portray in books of this nature, it’s mostly gore and battle but no substance, certainly not with this one. Believe it or not it’s a zombie novel with heart.
The characters of Emily and Song are so damaged and isolated when we first meet them barely hanging on to their lives by a thread when they’re rescued by Aaron on a gasoline run and so begins a steady paced journey of survival and heroics and learning to let go of the past and embrace a new uncertain future in a bitter world run rampant with death and destruction. Emily is superb and for once the fact that she is British shines through in her language but not in a stereotypical cockney or posh accent, the writer’s have it nailed perfectly. Her letters to her boyfriend ‘Letters from Abandoned Places’ lets us inside her sad and very candid thoughts, the things she thinks but could never say aloud but somehow make you love her more. You champion her and her young son, willing for their survival against the odds. A stunning heroine to admire, written to perfection with flaws and bravery intertwined.
Aaron was a great complex hero, saving people and delivering supplies in order to feel useful and needed rather than for reward, often feeling a little lonely and unwanted. Sometimes he was quite stoic and pensive, reflecting on the world at large inwardly rather than rambling on to fill silence. He’s terrific with Song; we see a tender side to him, as well as with Emily and how they both navigate through their growing feelings for one another in a very uncertain climate as both of them cling to ghosts of their pasts.
These two writers are golden together, one hundred percent. After Life Lessons had some truly creepy, goose-bump inducing moments and plenty of zombie gore and axe usage with a few laughs interspersed to lighten the tension. If you’re looking for a well written and imaginative zombie romance then this book is definitely for you. I can’t wait to read the next book After Life Lessons 2.
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