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Fires of Man by Dan Levinson
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Fires of Man is a blend of Sci-Fi, YA and Dystopia. If you like any of these genres, then I’m certain you’ll enjoy this novel. This novel takes place on an earth-like planet and the story unfolds through the view point of many characters. For me, the best part of the novel was the Psionic abilities and techniques that the soldiers were trained in.

The possibilities were endless as far as where this series could go in regard to a war between nations using psionic powers. For both of the nations, Calchis and Orion, you delve into the story through the eyes of various characters. One of the things that bothered me was that there were so many characters and background stories, that it was easy to loose your way. You never got a clear understanding of why Calchis and Orion are at war… was it politics, border disagreements, evil vs. good… it is hard to decipher because you are given the viewpoints of both sides and neither of the sides seem wholly committed to a way of life - they do however, seem committed to being prepared and winning the imminent war.

The pacing isn’t consistent, there were parts of the novel that seemed to drag slowly by. The novel ends on a cliffhanger, but in my humble opinion it does not leave you with an unfinished novel. I personally hate it when a novel in a series does not have a contained plot and I have to go to the next novel to see what happens. With Fires of Man you do get a complete novel, but it ends in such a way as to make you question reality (kind of like the Matrix).

This is book 1 of the Psionic Earth series and I am looking forward to the next edition. Would I recommend this novel? Absolutely. Although it is a little wordy, Dan Levinson is a good storyteller and has painted a future that looks somewhat like Star Wars (but without the space travel & Wookie). There is subplots of romance and the training (or warping) of young minds in an attempt to harness their psionic abilities. The later half of this novel is spot on and the battle scenes do not disappoint. I would read the next edition because I want to know… If this is earth, what happened to all the countries that currently exist? Who are the indigenous people, and are they our descendants? How did man evolve into beings with pscionic abilities? The plot is persuading enough to make me want to delve further into the new world of Psionic Earth.


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