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Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
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really liked it
Read 3 times. Last read June 19, 2014.

Ok, before any review... I am asking myself, How on earth did I manage to miss this entire series in the first place!

I just came across this series recently when reading so many other people's references and comments about it on other blogs and fb pages that I keep track of. Those comments sparked my curiosity and I naturally had to check it out. I am so happy I did! So far, I have only completed the first book, but was impressed enough to continue on with the rest of it.

Word of warning- the book is quite long and at times, a bit lagging to get through. It also does not fit into any one specific category as far as genres go. That is a plus for it! There was more than enough historical detail and fact to satisfy those interested in history. While it could probably be labeled under the category of historical romance, it involves so much more than just a romance that I feel the Romance label does not do it justice! The one thing that I felt could have been detailed a bit more was the premise and the basis for the actual story. Claire Randall, the main character, is visiting Scotland with her husband and ends up being swept through time in some sort of time displacement caused by ancient standing stones. There is some limited mention of them and of their history along with some references to Druids. Diana Gabaldon seemed to use these stones as a launching point for the story but did not delve into them much more other than Claire's few attempts to get back to them. I can only assume that they will be explained more in future books. I certainly hope so because the stones, as I mentioned, set the whole story up and play such an important part in the time travel aspect. I would have liked a bit more detail on history or myths surrounding the Standing Stones.

The story also touches on some witchcraft and references to Fairy circles and such, but it is more about the actual history of Scotland and Claire's adjustment to that time. There is some ongoing mystery which will most likely play out in the future books of the series.

Overall, it was an excellent read that covered a variety of interests so I was well satisfied with it. I'm looking forward to the many more books included in the series and the upcoming mini-series from Starz based on the books! It will play starting in August!

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