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Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake by Sarah MacLean
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Apr 05, 2010

it was amazing
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Recommended for: Anyone who likes romance novels of any kind!
Read on September 10, 2011 — I own a copy

I've just read this book again, and loved it just as much this time as the first. And the second. I have a feeling I'll still love it as much when I've read it 20 times, and when I can remember passages from the book verbatim I'll still love it. I'll reach for it on days when I'm looking for something to cheer me up, on rainy days when there's nothing better than curling up with a good book and a blanket in your favourite chair.

I don't have anything new to say that hasn't already been posted on GR. Sarah MacLean has managed to give us a fresh take on a tired trope and a heroine that most of us can identify with. If Calpurnia is a bit anachronistic, I can forgive it in a story that engages me as much as this one.

Gabriel St. John, Marquess of Ralston is nothing new to the genre on the face of it -- we're told he's a rake (but we really never see it), he's beautiful, rich and titled. In MacLean's hands, again, she brings a constant cliche to life by making him decent and warm and very human. Watching him fall in love with Callie is one of the joys of the reading the book.

Sometimes a book comes along that has a certain je ne sais quoi (or as Steve Martin would say, "a certain, as the French say, I-don't-know-what"). Perhaps the stars were all aligned when it was being written, the pages were sprinkled with pixie dust, I dunno. Whatever it was, this book just worked. It's sexy, and funny, and heart-warming. For every girl who has loved a boy she thought was out of reach, this one is for you.

I loved it, tons of other folks loved it, and if there's a romance lover left on the planet who hasn't read this yet, I would recommend it to them in a heartbeat.

5 stars.

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**Update - August 6 - OMG, it's even better the second time! It'll be a long wait til the fall for her next book.**

July 12/10: I would give this book 9 stars if I could -- best historical romance I have read in YEARS. I wish Sarah MacLean had a backlist I could now plow through, but it looks like I have to wait for her next book, along with the rest of GR! Awesome book!
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18.0% "Ok. So I read this in one sitting yesterday. On read #2 today. This is the best HR I've read in YEARS, without a doubt!"

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Karla "I loved it, tons of other folks loved it, and if there's a romance lover left on the planet who hasn't read this yet, I would recommend it to them in a heartbeat."

Hmm, oh I must read this one. *moves to TBR shortlist*

Tammy Walton Grant Uh oh. :D

Karla Well, given your last sentence, it's obviously my duty to read it. :P

Tammy Walton Grant Well, of course it is. :P

Be kind, Karla, be kind.

Karla Oh, I wouldn't dream of being anything else. :D

Tammy Walton Grant Haha!

Karla Oh, I will. But I'm going to have a bucket handy and pad my walls so they don't sustain damage.

Tammy Walton Grant LOL! You are so right. I'm afraid for her to read it.

Karla I'm already 20% through it. Don't know how you've managed 3 reads of it so far, Tammy. O__o

Tammy Walton Grant Just call me sappy. :D

It's wallpapery and anachronistic but for some reason it just makes me feel good when I read it. I love stories where the girl no one ever notices snags the Hero. (Huh, there's the key to why I like Anne Stuart's historicals.)

Elizabeth (Liz) I have this bought, just haven't read it yet.

Karla, you know I enjoy the BRs! I've messaged you about that in the past. But, I think I'm gonna love this one as well;-) Isn't it lovely? There's something for everyone's taste. LOL!! I was a little shocked to see you reading this one, frankly. But, I do look forward to your review! LMAO!! 8^P

Tammy, you made me want to move this one up on my tbr list! Great review!! ;-)

Tammy Walton Grant Thanks, Elizabeth!

@Jeanine: Oh yeah, that's the OTHER reason I like Anne Stuart. Every girl loves a (wannabe) bad boy.

Hi Mia, I'm not sure we'll convince her, but her review sure will be entertaining. :D

message 13: by Karla (last edited Sep 21, 2011 04:31AM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Karla Yes, it would be a good read, if I liked stories with every dadblasted cliche and trope that ever was in Regency romance crammed into one book with admittedly competent writing (there's been no typos).


I can't take this full-length fluff. Harlequins are at least blessedly short. The idiocy doesn't have enough time to tunnel into the brain like some insanity-causing parasitic worm from diseased jungle waters.

Now brace yourselves, I will give Anne Stuart a bit more credit for trying to make the Regency a bit different. She still fails IMO, but it's oh-so-marginally better than Maclean's dull effort.

No offense intended for y'all who like this stuff, but I feel better now.

message 14: by Karla (new) - rated it 1 star

Karla My brain is bitch-slapping me with a mighty and relentless arm. I might have to bail.

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