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Watership Down by Richard  Adams
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it was amazing
Recommended to Mariel by: Harvey
Recommended for: let's pretend we're bunny rabbits. we'll do it all day long
Read 2 times. Last read January 1, 2004.

Watership Down is not a children's book. It's a everyman's book. Every animal, too. (Anyone with a pulse and a beating heart that gives a shit about what is around them.) There's a lovely intro in a newer edition about how he "wrote" it with his children (the stories started out a spur-of-the-moment thing when prompted to tell them a story). It's meant to be interactive in a makes you think and makes you feel way. I certainly lose myself in this world whenever I reread (it's funny how quickly I can disassociate with the dangerous men). I did not get the impression that he disrespected his kid's input in any way either. They were his first listeners (as all past and future readers are, as well). The age of the reader is moot, just as the species of the characters is.
I found fascinating also how Adams researched how rabbits really behave, to keep it as close to their true natures as possible. Respect, again.
I feel the point of those efforts was dignity. One of the many things that Watership Down is about is the right to live with dignity.
Aren't some things what everyone could still use at any time? What is too much to pay for freedom? What is the cost of ignoring atrocities because it makes things easier for you (sounds like world affairs for like always)? Love, brotherhood, government, spirituality, what you need to hold on, adventure (Watership Down is also one of my favorite adventure stories), self respect. If you care about the essentials for another, then how can Watership Down ONLY be for one thing? How is giving a shit for kids only?
I'm not sure why the kid statements bother me (other than just being wrong). Maybe I feel it is meant to take away dignity from those rabbits. Put a genus tag on the book and file it away for the past.
Maybe it's the feeling of wonder before cynicism can kick in. But I was always cynical! Hard on the inside and soft on the outside like Paul McCartney. Or hard on the outside and soft on the inside like John Lennon. Hell, people are more complex than that. (So are rabbits!) Something else Watership Down has in no short supply is magic.
Because the world is bigger for them. It's easy to forget that it is still big when you get bigger.

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message 1: by Mariel (new) - added it

Mariel Neko Case said this book changed her life. She's amazing. Two years (?) ago she interviewed Adams. I never did read that....

message 2: by Mariel (new) - added it

Mariel Today I bought the '70s Christmas Watership Down cartoon. I'm watching that shit on Christmas morning. It is going to be sooooo bad. ooh the box says it "reunites the Bright Eyes team" with the animators. The song is going to be the worst. I can't wait.

Greg Bright Eyes does a song on this? Wow.

message 4: by Mariel (new) - added it

Mariel I wish! The song was called Bright Eyes. There's a liiiight on the horizon.... Art Garfunkel did it.

Conor Oberst would sing about the farmer drowning his little bro in the water trough.

Msmurphybylaw I liked the magic. Enjoy your Christmas morning. Sounds like fun.

message 6: by Mariel (new) - added it

Mariel Thank you, I will. :)

Greg Conor Oberst once left his stained underwear in a friend of mines car. He had been trying to hook up with a friend of hers who was having none of it and in some way his dirty underwear ended up being left. This story has nothing to do with rabbits.

message 8: by Mariel (new) - added it

Mariel It does sound really bad. Like something Fiver would have a dark vision of. Danger!!!! There is stain on the underpants!

message 9: by Mariel (new) - added it

Mariel My dvd was f*@$in% cracked! I didn't get to watch it after I saved it for Christmas morning and everything. :(

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

Mariel wrote: "My dvd was f*@$in% cracked! I didn't get to watch it after I saved it for Christmas morning and everything. :("


stupid christmas.

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

let's pretend we're bunny rabbits. we'll do it all day long


message 12: by Mariel (new) - added it

Mariel Christmas sucks!

smetchie I'm going to read this again very soon I think.

message 14: by Mariel (new) - added it

Mariel Oh yes! I loved it even more on my reread.

Michael I reread this once every decade. It's the only book I do that with.

message 16: by Mariel (new) - added it

Mariel I wonder which books I've read the most. Probably kids books like Narnia, Watership, The Death of the Heart... It feels like such a delicious luxury to reread as I get older. So many books, so little time.

Miriam The Death of the Heart is a kid's book?!

message 18: by Adam (new) - rated it 5 stars

Adam Stevenson A Magnetic Fields reference and a positive Watership Down review in one place, Great Stuff.

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