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Backlash by Aaron Allston
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Apr 05, 2010

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Read on April 05, 2010

** spoiler alert ** Not a bad read. It seems too short especially considering the length between releases in this series. Best to wait till the whole series is out, (the price will have dropped), and read them all at once. It took me about four hours to read.

The story takes up from the last in the series with Luke, (with Ben in tow,) tracking Vestara with that force blood tracking ability to the planet Kessel.

Kessel is the home to the Witches of Dathomir and several clans where women view men as the weaker sex.

Luke and Ben encounter a two tribes having a meeting to join their tribes. One tribe has origins in escaped men from other tribes of their female oppressors.

Luke and Ben help them with during their unification and battle the Nightsisters who wish to block the joining, (lightsabers verses Rancor's galore.)

The Jedi Temple on Corucant comes under attack from the Government by hired Mandorlians after another Jedi falls victim the strange affliction that generates super paranoia, causing a Jedi to view everyone as dopplegangers, (except perhaps those similarly inflicted. Still no hint as to the source of this affliction in this book.

Luke twarts the Nightsisters, take Vestara into custody, and head out back to the Maw to see what the Sith's plan's with the Maw's dark force energy at the end of the book.

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