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Carter Finally Gets It by Brent Crawford
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Apr 05, 2010

really liked it

Coming of ages stories are one of my favourite kinds. It seems a given that most of these kind of stories are told from a girls perspective. How to fit into a nice niche at school, how to adapt to the high school environment without getting crushed in the stampede, hoe to deal with your first crush. So it was immensely refreshing to see the tale told from a boys perspective. It did wonders for the story, because everyone wants to get inside a teenage boys brain and figure out whether they have a different wiring than us, because really, they sometimes feel like they're from a different plant.

Carter Finally Gets it is one of those stories where you will laugh like a hyena most of the way through, you chuckle at the way he behaces around girls, and more importantly, what he thinks teenage girls really want, which couldn't be much farther from the truth. The sense of humor of a 14 year old boy is something that I cherished, from the way he has to deal with ta bad case of flatulence because he ate something from Taco Bell that was quite obviouslty past its sell by date, to the ritual of opening a girls bra.

The plot is very fast paced and never dwells on anything that seems dull and unecessary, quite like the boys mind, some scenes go by in a whirlwind of embarrassment and some serious social faux pas. His take on the world was hysterical, like how he thought mono was, and I quote "a pimp-ass problem I wish I had". It is full of lewd humor that well, basically made me wish I was back in high school, or more specifically, that I went to a high school that took in boys, because if they were all as funny as Carter, then I would've had a blast. He says stupid things like retard, and you don't judge him for it.

If you want a coming of age story, that is interspersed with ridiculous moments, totally clueless boys and narrative that is so funny, you'll laugh until your sides hurt, then Carter Finally Gets It is the book for you. Teenage girls will love this, because it makes you realise that mostly, teenage boys don't do jerky things to make you feel bad, they sometimes just don't know any better.

I'm gonna list some of my favourite quotes, because really, if you don't plan on reading this book, you need to see into the character that is Carter, because he is endearing in his ridiculousness.

"Nobody likes to get their hair pulled" I say. "Except this one chick in my porno; I think she's into it. I can't really tell, though. I wish they would slow down"

"As the wingman I have to stop my pilot from destroying this girl. She's becoming more of a lesbian with every question."

"I'm supposed to be having sex here, but i'm trembling and giggling my head off in a shed with a girl called the Chopper whose head is stuck in a t-shirt"
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