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Star Wars Omnibus by Archie Goodwin
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really liked it

This is a compilation of Marvel #28-49, with Annual #1 thrown in. Most of the art design leaves much to be desired, but all of the detail and colours are spectacular. The editor notes annoy me as usual, although I did appreciate when Archie said that the plot being mentioned were unchronicled.

28. What Ever Happened to Jabba the Hut?
- The spelling doesn't bother me as it was still early on, and the art is very ugly
- Jabba's cronies chase Han. Both groups are infected by stonemites.

29. Dark Encounter
- Tyler Lucien is chased by Vader and Valance (who has become a Bounty Hunter)

30. A Princess Alone
-Leia is drawn horribly out of proportion: skinny with huge boobs
- She infiltrates a factory planet but is caught by Baron Tagge.
- I liked when she said on page 57 that "there's more to the rebellion than guerilla (sic) warfare."

Annual #1: The Long Hunt
- The art was better here. It was a good, fun action story of the trio
- At Tirahnn, the Majestrix of Skye causes trouble, and follows Luke & Leia to Han (she knew him in the past)
- A demon plays a small role but then disappears. It was odd.
- Luke uses his lightsaber too much

31. Return to Tatooine & 32. The Jawa Express
- Luke returns with R2 and 3PO to dig blockade runners.
- Imperial troops with Tagge are there already. Han and Chewie show up and help Luke get away from the Imps after Fixer & Camie reported their former friend.
- A weird event created by Tagge, called Omega Frost, is used on Tatooine and in other places.
- Jawas play random roles.

33. Saber Clash& 34. Thunder in the Stars
- Luke & Han leave Tatooine and meet up with Tagge's Force. Luke goes in on his own while Han goes back to Yavin.
- Luke escapes but Han, Chew & Leia are already on their way.
- Luke has no weapons, comms and has little fuel. Yet he's able to destroy Omega Frost and is saved by the Falcon.

35. Dark Lord's Gambit, 36. Red Queen Rising & 37. In Mortal Combat
- 35. has a hilarious cover.
- The Tagges called Vader in the last issue before Luke escaped. They get in trouble while the Trio goes on a mission to bring a priestess home…where Vader is. Oh and she's the Tagge sister, Domina.
- 36. Luke an Vader are not allowed to fight due to the sacred planet's rules.
- Domina thinks Luke killed her brothers and thinks of a plan to get rid of him and Vader.
- 37. Han and Leia bring Baron Tagge to his sister, but Luke kills Tagge due to a ruse by Vader. Domina now truly hates him.

38. Riders in the Void
-The art was a bit odd, as was the plot
- Luke and Leia find themselves in another galaxy where a person has formed a symbiotic relationship with a ship who thinks everything is a game.

39. The Empire Strikes Back to 44. Duel a Dark Lord
- MUCH BETTER ART of a good adaptation of the story. Chewie is drawn very well.
- There are some differences, like the Wampa at the base.
- 40: "Battleground Hoth" had a superb A-At on page 267. The words ruined it a bit though.
- 42: "To Be a Jedi" - I like that 3PO didn't interrupt Han & Leia. Just like he didn't in the book.
I also like that Luke's timeline and time period of training was shown.
- The story was quick but it truly worked out very well

45. Death Probe
-A huge probe droid targets a Rebel ship, which Luke comes across.
- He intercepts an Imperial code and goes in to save the Rebel Fleet

46. The Dreams of Cody Sunn-Childe
- The Wookiees were done terribly here
- Lando and Chewie go looking for Han and come across Sunn-Child, a fighter who disappeared and found peace.
- This is a good story of where to draw the line between destroying to save and just pure destruction.

47. Droid World
- The cover says 'odds against." IT'S CORRECT, UNLIKE IN ESB!!
- Luke, R2 and 3PO bring a fused droid to Kligson's Moon, created by a man (turned cyborg) who surrounds himself with only droids.
- NO ORGANICS are allowed! Yet this doesn't help Kligson as his Imperial-made droids stage an uprising.

48. The Third Law
- Leia goes to the Aargan banking center and meets Vader there.
- I found it a bit odd that Vader and Leia have overall civil conversations, and Vader isn't going after Leia.

49. The Last Jedi
- Luke and Leia follow a distress signal and find a former near-Jedi, Jedidiah. They also find Prince Denid, who had sent the distress signal.
- They bring Denid home in order to prove he's still alive and the rightful heir.
- Jedidiah helps at the end, at the cost of his own life. His part of the story was odd and almost pointless. I feel that the title should have been geared towards something else.

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