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Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris
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Apr 04, 2010

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** spoiler alert ** My Thoughts:

DitF wasn't as bad as Dead and Gone but I still feel like something was off about this novel. I was very disappointed with D&G, not because it sucked but because I've come to expect better from Harris & she didn't live up to my expectations in the 9th novel.

As for DitF, it seemed very depressing to me. I know alot of bad crap happened in D&G (pregnant women dying, Claudine/Tray/Mel dying, Sookie being tortured et cetera) but I read this series because it makes me feel happy & excited & this last book made me feel like taking a Cymbalta, not to mention becoming very annoyed.

Is it just me or was Sookie especially "southern" in Ditf? I know this series is set in the South & I've come to expect southern slang & mannerisms but every time I turned around Sookie was exclaiming "Jeez Louise" or "You-all". Another thing I had a problem with was the repetition & non-stop musings about trivial things. I remember at one point Sookie was informing the reader about Sam's age & how he's 3 years older than her. One, I already know that. Two, even if I didn't know that, what the hell does Sam's age have to do with the storyline? These irrelevant musings added nothing to story except maybe word count.

Why was Eric acting like such a wuss in this story? He seemed like how he was in Dead to the World only without the excuse of being under a spell. The Eric I know would never act so broody & lovey-dovey, calling Sookie "my love" & being an overall pussy. Nor would he have allowed himself to be so helpless throughout the novel, I don't care who the hell his maker is. I missed the smartass, deadly, darkly humorous Eric I've come to love & he was absent throughtout this novel.

This novel left me with alot of questions. Why did Niall put a spell on Dermot? What exactly was the spell supposed to do (since I thought the explanation given was inadequate)? Why did Bill feel the need to include Sookie in some of his activities like he was trying to put the moves on her & then drop her as soon as Judith reentered the picture? How was it that Colman managed to escape the closing of the portals & remain in the "other" world? I thought he was in faeryville when the Fae War happened. And lets not even get into my questions about Appius & Alexi.

Like I previously stated, I thought something wasn't quite right about this novel & I hope that whatever is going on with Harris to make her writing subpar at moment, she gets the hell over it. I've seen way too many series start really good then go to shit & I hope the Southern Vampire Mysteries isn't going the same route.
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06/18/2010 page 36
12.0% "So far it's pretty depressing. I know a bunch of f-ed up stuff happened in D&G but I read this series to feel good-not to feel like making an appointment with a therapist. I feel like there is something off about this novel."
06/18/2010 "Who the hell does yard work in a bikini? o.O" 9 comments
06/19/2010 page 178
57.0% "Why is Eric acting like such a wuss? I want my suave, smartass, badass Eric back! *Lethal wails*"

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Brandi I agree with you 100% on this and the last novel. I felt the middle and the thinking about politics was to much and slowed the book down then the ending was like 3 pages of action and done, why? Felt rushed!

Desperado I liked the politics but I do agree it caused the action to take a backseat. And your right, the "big battle" at the end was not only rushed but it was so confusing, like everyone was on drugs(other than Sookie).

message 3: by Catherine (new)

Catherine I'm dying to read this review but I can't! I plan to read the book and don't want to influence my opinion beforehand. Only 3 stars? Now I'm worried!

Desperado I completely understand, Catherine. I try to stay away from reviews & stat updates of books I really want to read. I kind of figured (but wished i was wrong) that this book wouldn't be that great since Dead and Gone got 2 stars from me. That's like the only book in the Southern Vampire Mysteries series that got less than 4 stars from me other than the 4th which got 3.

message 5: by Catherine (new)

Catherine Dead to the World got only 3 stars from you? The horror! Hot Eric was enough to ensure my grade was a 4. :)

Desperado Hahaha. I didn't like wussy Eric. I like him better when he's a douche than when he's a teddy bear.

message 7: by Catherine (new)

Catherine I did too. I liked how even Sookie missed the real Eric's strength of will. Forgetful Eric was a bit clingy. I was just glad to finally get them to hook up. Finally! But then of course he didn't remember and I was like nooooooooo!

Desperado LOL. I don't know how far you've gotten in this series yet but I can guarantee there will be lots more Sookie-Eric action where he's not a wuss & he does remember. Oh yeah.

message 9: by Catherine (new)

Catherine I've read through From Dead to Worse.

Desperado Oh great! So you already know,kinda. I miss Quinn! I'm not saying Eric is bad for a hero, but Quinn was awesome. And hot.

message 11: by Catherine (new)

Catherine I'll leave Quinn to you :) he got on my nerves. I liked Eric's reaction when he finally got Sookie to tell him what happened. His shock was priceless.

Desperado More for me then :p. That was pretty hilarious when he found out he had sex with Sookie & didn't remember. He's been trying to get in her pants since book 1.

Laura the Highland Hussy LL and Catherine..which book are you a talking about where Eric doesn't remember? This one? or an earlier one? I'm only through book 2, but I'd like to see where they hook up! I love Eric...even when he acts like a douche!

message 14: by Catherine (new)

Catherine Laurie, we're talking about book 4, Dead to the World.

Laura the Highland Hussy cool, thanks! I finished up season 2 of TrueBlood on dvd last night, and am definitely excited to finish the Sookie Stackhouse series :)

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