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The Darkest Passion by Gena Showalter
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Apr 02, 2010

it was amazing
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Read in May, 2010

4.5 Stars

Aeron, keeper of Wrath, has been watched by an unknown presence for the past few weeks. Come to find out it is an angel sent kill him for a crime he wasn't aware he commented. But when Olivia refuses to complete her mission she falls from heaven and is now mortal. She says it is because she didn't want to hurt Aeron, but the reasons are far more personal. He tries to deny her and his growing feelings for her but his demon has already staked claim and will not simply let the warrior turn his back on her.

The hunters, lead by the demon possessed Galen, are gaining ground against the Lords. Aeron must continue his fight against his sworn enemies as well as the fend off unwanted sexual advances from his female demon, while trying to push Olivia away. Aeron must decide to listen to his head and send Olivia back from where she came from or listen to his heart and demon and claim Olivia as his own. Regardless of his decision, Olivia will not be the last sent to take his head.

This was one of the more emotional Lords of the Underworld books, at least it was for me. Aeron has been a favorite of mine for a while because of the strong bond and loyalty he has towards the other Lords and I really do want to see him happy with Olivia. But he believes the fewer people he cares for, the fewer people he has to worry about saving. He makes excuses for why he can't be with Olivia but she isn't backing down. One of my favorite qualities in Olivia is her determination. She gave up her immortality and her wings to be with Aeron and like hell is she just going to let him push her out the door. She does try to put it off as just sex which bugged me because it was obvious to everyone she isn't the just sex type. Aeron isn't the only opposition to them being together though.

His little demon Legion is not going to stand for an Angel coming in and taking her Aeron away even though he only loves her like a daughter and nothing else. Even when she is not present, Aeron uses her as an excuse to why Olivia needs to leave and does she ever cause a huge problem of her own involving the Dark Prince himself. In a way I do feel bad for Legion. She got her signals crossed with Aeron and just wants to be loved. Her jealous fits and childish games with Olivia made me want to shake her and tell her to grow up.

There were a lot of interesting things happening with the hunters. You find out that the Lords aren't the only ones who have a Titan helping them and Galen decided to handle the warriors in a different are more terrifying way that could give him a army of immortals. The enemies have gotten stronger in this book and it makes you wonder what else are they hiding up their sleeves. I know this sounds a little odd but I'm happy with the change. What fun would is it to read a story where the good guys always defeat the bad with ease? I think it takes the story to a whole new level and keeps it new and interesting.

Paris, who also has been one of my favorites since the beginning, is still morning the loss of Sienna. For those who read Into The Dark you know that Cronus has been keeping Sienna close to him and in The Darkest Passion you find out what his plans are for her. Poor Paris has only begun to hurt. Strider, whose book is next in the series, has some page time and you also get to meet Scarlet, a female from his past that he has no memory of but claims to be his wife. That was one of the several twists in this book that I didn't see coming.

The Darkest Passion is a great addition to an already wonderful series. It has everything you want in a book. Comedy, suspense, a love story (not the sappy kind either), twists you didn't see coming and action. I love that there isn't just vampires or warriors in this series. Even though it does lean heavily toward Greek Mythology (which is my favorite part), there is a bit of everything in it for just about anyone's taste genres. Gena Showalter's Lords of the Underworld is one of my favorite series and she definitely did not disappoint with her latest installment.

~Stephanie G
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message 1: by Ren (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ren Hi
I really love your review
and i always see your blog to read many books review, and sometimes i try to read the book that u've reviewed.
Good Job ^^
(and now i'm dying to read Aeron's story after read your review)

Stephanie  G Thank you! It really was a good one and even though I received an advance ecopy of it to review I will still buy the paperback when it comes out.

~Stephanie G

Tanya This was such a good book...I even had dreams about this character :P All the LOTU books are so good.

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