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Greater Love by Robert Whitlow
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Apr 02, 2010

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"Greater Love" is Christian legal fiction and is the third book in the series. I strongly suspect that people who have read the first two novels will find this a more emotionally satisfying book than those of us who haven't. By this novel, the two guys who want to marry her have already done their heroics that gained her affection and things were pretty bland in their interactions. The heat level was something like 0.5 out of 10. Also, since Tami otherwise kept to her highly conservative upbringing, her willingness to go to a very different church with a woman preacher and follow her advice like it was infallible doesn't quite make sense without reading the previous novels where they met. So start with "Deeper Waters" if the series sounds interesting.

While there were moments of suspense, the main focus of this novel was Tami's decisions about which firm to work for after passing the bar and which of two very nice but very different guys she should marry. So the pacing was more along the lines of a general fiction rather than a suspense novel.

The world-building for the setting and overall ambiance of the lawyer's trade was excellent. I had expected more details of the day-to-day work involved in being a lawyer since the author is a practicing attorney, but any details not directly related to the Jessie case were hardly mentioned.

The characters were varied and interesting and a somewhat odd group. I liked Jessie a lot. Tami was a very earnest, talented, want-to-do-what's-right person. These traits sometimes made her indecisive and surprisingly willing to do whatever the most convincing person told her was the right thing to do. Also, I should note that while she grew up in a very, very conservative household and church, she never looked down on others for doing things differently.

While definitely a Christian novel, it wasn't preachy. The characters' faith simply played out in their everyday decisions. Tami frequently prayed (usually "she prayed" rather than actual words to the prayers). She expected God to clearly tell her what to do in the big situations (like in picking a job or a husband). It kind of bothered me that she went against God-given common sense and a lot of good, sound advice to follow the "word from God" for her by a prophetess friend. I was a bit surprised by her willingness to let others "hear God" and make decisions for her rather than coming to peace with God herself about them.

There was one or two instances of "she cursed" style bad language. There was no sex. Overall, I'd recommend this novel as well-written, clean reading--but I'd suggest reading the first two novels in the series first.

This book was a review copy provided by Thomas Nelson.

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