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Split Screen by Brent Hartinger
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Apr 01, 2010

really liked it

I really liked this book, it had a good story line, not as good as the book before but still good. It was cute and sweet. Russell's story is obviously meant to be read before Min's, i also feel that his story had a little more emotion in it. Overall even though i like Min, i dont reckon shes a cool as Russell. Mr Hartinger sure tackles some issues in this book, Russell's situation suck yes, but its not so bad that it can't be overcome. I know people who have experienced harsher reaction, he is quite lucky, but still Mr Hartinger has really got a good idea of what being Russell would of been like and how much it really did suck.

Hartinger's lack of adult influence throughtout this series i think is excellent, as young man inmy late teens i found from the age of 15 onwards my parents had very little to do with anything in my life. My decisions were mainly mine. He really shows some real teens in this book, i like also how even though the parents are shown as, well... not so friendly in Russell's book, they have redeeming qualities, and in Min's they have some annoying points. Hartinger's lack of polarisation is what really grabbed me besides the cute story line :3.

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