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Night Chills by Dean Koontz
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Apr 01, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: horror-thriller

Most Dean Koontz novels are a source of brain candy for me...think the gooey, dripping kind that parents never want their kids to have because they know they'll be the ones scrubbing it off the couch or inside of the car. After I read them I usually forget about them in a month or so; I might keep one or two details that make me smirk whenever I see the cover of that book.

NIGHT CHILLS was a bit different. This book disturbed me. I have no problem with violence within the confines of a horror novel; I mean that is one of the central themes in these types of books, right? But what I do have a problem with is: violence as a form of masturbation. Let me elucidate. Let's say there is a killer that has been overcome with some sort of demonic possession and he then goes on a killing rampage. Okay, the author has dutifully illustrated the nefarious nature of this demon and also shown the spiritual/mental/psychological weakness of said character. I get it, no problem. But what if you have a character that figures out a way to subliminally control people for his own means? Okay, I can see where the person now in power wants to show his abilities of playing god, small g. But what if this goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on...(you get the picture), without a real juicy story to back it up. Well, that's exactly what happens in this novel. And it gets very tiresome reading about some psychotic playing puppet master. I WANT A STORY!! To be honest, I was getting rather bored with this novel once and set it down and then came back to it a few WEEKS later...never a good sign.

So why the four stars? The reason is simple: The images of evil that permeate through this book were harrowing for me. Does that make it a good read? Not necessarily. But it does make it, IMO, thought provoking. Why the heck did I keep thinking about these images that I found repulsive and grotesque and filthy? Am I hardwired wrong? Is a there a darkness that resides within me that I don’t know about? I wish I had answers to these questions. What I can say is: This book makes the reader think about if they had the powers that allowed them to control somebody, would they enact the same savagery that this psychotic does? I guess I am in closer contact with the reptilian side of my brain than I thought because I wanted to think I would do good, be a super-hero, but the truth is, I cannot honestly say I would do good.

As I said, disturbing.

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Bark's Book Nonsense But what if this goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on...(you get the picture), without a real juicy story to back it up.

I had to laugh. I have a similar reaction to many a Koontz novel. He does go on for eternity and often it doesn't pay off but I always find something fascination about his work. Maybe I'm wired wrong too.

TK421 I'm glad to see that I'm not alone.

message 3: by Bernetta (new)

Bernetta F Not about the book but about your review. It had to be the best review on Goodreads. I come on here to find books to listen to at work. A lot of times they decide if I read a book or not and sometimes I am left not sure. I have to say your review was by far the most interesting and I will search to read all your comments going forward. Thanks.

message 4: by Dawn (new)

Dawn Stone Ya this is an old review but Im in agreement with 2 of the 3 above reviews. KOONTZ does prattle on. And whilw his books are decent about 10 chapters could be cut without missing much. .Stephen King tends to prattle on too but he takes it places.

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