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Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber
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Mar 31, 2010

it was amazing
Recommended for: anyone who likes vampires

** spoiler alert ** book 1. the book is about a gothic teenager named Raven who is obsesed with vampires and wants nothing more than to become one but when a family moves into Dullsville's creepy haunted mansion rumors start showing up that they are vampires. her childhood nemesis started the rumors and raven believes them more then any one else in town. so when she trys to investigate she gets caught and when she finaly gets to meet the teenager that resides in this old mansion she falls head over heals for him then he found out that the rumors is why she was snooping. then she fixes her relationship with him and then at the very end of the book she figured out that the rumors were true.

book 2. this book is about raven finding alexander because he has run away temporarily to protect her when he doesnt tell her she gets worried that she might not see him again so she goes and trys to find him in a town where her aunt libby lives Hipsterville. then instead of finding alexander raven finds a different vampire who follows her back to Dullsville when she gets back alexander has returned so she waits till nightfall then goes to see him when she gets to the iron gate leading to the mansion she meets the other vampire named jagger so then they have a little chat and raven is on her way then alexander gets worried that jagger is here in dullsville so he tells raven to look out for herself but then raven alexander ravens best friend becky and her boyfriend double date to an outdoor theater and they dress like the actors so its only half price on the tickets then jagger shows up and he trys to bite raven and turn her but then she gets an idea and alexander and her re-act the seens from the movie as its playing and alexander prtends to bite her so jagger thinks she has been turned

book 3. this one is about alexander and raven finding jagger's coffin so they look every where they can think of to look and they dont find anything but when they find out that jaggers twin sister luna is in town they broaden their search. when they dont find them right away or after a week they try to convince them that the town was dead but luna started dating ravens nemesis trevor so they are now trying harder to find both jagger and luna's coffins and ship them back to romania so they cant bother them any more and so luna doesnt have trevor as an after dark snack and turns him into a vampire. they find the coffins in ravens little brother's friends tree house but when they try to move them there nailed to the floor so then trevor starts passing out invitations to a graveyard gala and it is one of luna's tricks she plans to bite trevor on sacred ground but before the big end of trevor he saved himself by eating garlic pills that poisoned jagger and luna.
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61.39% "im on the third book and its a really good series"

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