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Follow the River by James Alexander Thom
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Mar 31, 2010

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Wow. What can I say that won't diminish the impact of this story? Anything I write will just come out trite. I am so glad to have read the account of such a heroic, admirable woman.

As I read, I reflected on the instinct of survival that tends to emerge in some when they are faced with horrific challenges. The Holocaust came to mind. Why do some fight death and some give in or aquiesce? Mary Ingles dug deeper within herself than can be imagined. I would not have dreamed up this story as a possibility, so I was so glad to read the afterword provided by the author. Incredible.

After 'Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee', I was a little (okay, a lot) embittered by the story of the Native Americans that gets passed down through the generations about Thanksgiving and the pilgrims, etc. What a joke. I've tried to teach my daughters a little more realistically and truthfully thus far. This book gave yet another look at the relationship between Native Americans. I was surprised to have felt awe for them, pity, anger, disgust--having all of these emotions tells me that Thorn did a pretty accurate job describing the truth of the matter.

As it was stormy and cold yesterday, I enojyed the warmth of my house, the abundance that my fridge and pantry provide, and then our family gorcery-shopping trip where we stalked up on yet more. How easy we have it, really. It astounds me. I am so glad to read of wonderful women who give me courage to reach within and be better in my daily tasks, to relish in my good fortune in life. I applaud Mary Ingles and the dear Dutch woman.

What wonderful characters in this book! The detail of their journey really helped me relive it. I couldn't relate as well to Mary's longing for her 'hairy Will' :) [that took imagination on my part:]...the longing for Will I got just fine, the hairy part I didn't :). That's just a humorous sidenote, though.

I'm so glad I read this book.
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