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Spider's Bite by Jennifer Estep
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Mar 30, 2010

it was amazing
Read from March 30 to April 06, 2010

Gin Blanco is known as the Spider, an untouchable assassin for hire who kills people for the right price. She kills those who prey on the innocent and makes certain they will never hurt anyone ever again. Gin is known as a Stone elemental who has control over certain elements and in dangerous crunch times she can use her powers if need be. But Gin prefers to use weapons such as knives and guns to get the job done.

An assassin like Gin has a cover as a part-time cook for the Pork Pit that has the best barbecue in Ashland, and is run by Fletcher Giles, who is also her handler and sends Gin out on the high paying jobs. Gin also thinks of Fletcher and his son Finn as her family ever since Fletcher found Gin dying and starving in an alley behind the Pit when she was thirteen. He took her in, trained her, and now at thirty-years old, Gin is one of the most sought-after professionals in her field. Gin wants to take a long vacation, but Fletcher has a job too good too pass up to the tune of five million dollars. Gin will take out Gordon Giles, who has been embezzling money from a very high power elemental named Mab Monroe, who runs the Ashland underworld. Gin will do the job, pocket the money and head to Key West for some sun and relaxation.

The hit at the Ashland Opera house that was supposed to go off without a hitch goes very wrong, especially with detective Donovan Caine lurking around. He wants to bring the Spider down for killing his partner who was a dirty cop. Gin barely escapes intact and runs to Fletcher, who she finds dead in a pile of blood at the Pork Pit, flayed alive by magic. Gin grabs Finn before he is killed and they disappear. This is now personal for Gin and she won't rest until she eliminates those who tortured and killed Fletcher.

Things become even more complicated when Caine is targeted by the same people who are looking for Gin. She decides to save the detective and invited him into her world. Caine wants nothing more to finish Gin off, but he knows they have to work together in order to keep Ashland safe, regardless of the attraction they both have for one another.

Spider's Bite is too good for words. Ever see the movie Wanted? Spider's Bite is very much like Wanted, but in book form. This action- packed, very skillfully written plot will blow your mind away. I really have to hand it to Jennifer Estep in writing a heroine who has very villain like traits, but one with morals. Gin kills and does it well, and the way she gets the job done is not for the weak of heart. The reader sympathizes for Gin right from the beginning because Ms. Estep allows us to walk into Gin's past and enter into her mind and why she has taken this harsh and sometimes lonely path. Gin may be unscrupulous at times, but she embodies the dark side of those comic book heroes we respect.

Not only is the action non-stop, but the growing lust between Gin and Caine is scorching hot. These two are burning for one another in ways where the steam is practically rising from the pages. Gin is very honest in her opinion of Caine and what she wants from him. Caine grapples with two side of his nature, the long arm of the law and those dark desires of a man who aches for a woman like Gin.

Spider's Bite has many scenes of violence, bloodshed and the open, in your face dark side of human nature that can be somewhat shocking in its telling. The cast of characters surrounding Gin are excellent and are a great support for her and what she needs to get done. Not many books can have my adrenaline pumping like Spider's Bite has done. This first book in a new series delivers by leaps and bounds.
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