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Serpent Moon by C.T. Adams
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Mar 29, 2010

really liked it
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** spoiler alert ** Review

C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp have written another addition to their TALES OF THE SAZI series. In the series, the Sazi are shapeshifters, and each person has their own powerful magic. SERPENT MOON is the story of Holly Sanchez and Eric Thompson. Eric possesses a wolf howl that can be devastating in the human world, so he has isolated himself from all. Holly Sanchez was the human offspring of Sazi parents. Ignored, mistreated, and abused by the Sazi in her parents' Pack, she came to hate them, and all that they stood for.

Until she was Changed, herself. And became one of the most powerful healers the Sazi possesses. Together her and Eric must track down the mastermind behind a Sazi massacre, stop the rebirth of a Sazi monster, and hopefully save both human and Sazi alike. And all while Holly battles her own heart.

While the Sazi do their part to keep themselves and the humans in balance, none of the characters that C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp write are perfect. They are all fallible, and most (especially the Wolven agents) are ruthless and brutal. It's really interesting to see the point of view Holly Sanchez, who doesn't see being Sazi as being powerful, but rather inhuman.

The plot line that has run through several of the books about the re-birth of Marduc, a Sazi monster, and the brewing war within the Sazi is brought to a sasifying conclusion. But, the story of Holly and Eric (and how he identifies her as his mate, even while she struggles with her hate of being Sazi) really shines in SERPENT MOON.
4/5 for plot

Holly Sanchez is mentioned in HOWLING MOON, one of the previous novels in the series. Her fear and hate of her parents' Pack, her subsequent Change by attack, and her distrust of Sazi men in general, really make her a rich character. Eric is multi-faceted too. He has lived in isolation for so long, and yet, Wolven has decided that now he would be useful as an Alpha. Both of their journeys toward acceptance of themselves and each other are key to bringing the strands of the story together.
4/5 for characters

Aside from COLD MOON RISING, SERPENT MOON tops my list of favorite books from this series. There are times when the point of view changes from Holly to Eric to Nasil (the evil Sazi that has precipitated the re-birth of Marduc). The language flows so smoothly between these changes, and yet still reflects the individual character. Even with the multiple plots and characters from other books, I was able to stay engaged. The language builds the suspense just right, and furthers the romance between Holly and Eric in a believable way.
4/5 for language

Bonus Cover Points: 3/5
The cover is pretty typical of paranormal romance in general, and the TALES OF THE SAZI series in particular (the moon, and Holly's face prominently displayed). I do like how the serpent is almost hidden within the red background color. While the snake is an important element in the book, its true purpose is cloaked and mysterious, which reflects its cover depiction.

Final Call: 12/15 Highly Recommend


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100.0% "FANTASTIC! Another great novel in the World of the Sazi."

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message 1: by Kim (new)

Kim is this the last book? I've noticed that there were no others after it and its been a while?

Lillie Kim wrote: "is this the last book? I've noticed that there were no others after it and its been a while?"

As far as I know, yes. The authors have since moved on to other things, and it seems like they usually don't work on muti-series at the same time.

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