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The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas
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Mar 28, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: classics


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Reading Progress

March 28, 2010 – Started Reading
March 28, 2010 – Shelved
March 28, 2010 –
page 23
1.8% "Right now Edmond Dantes is a little bit like a morally righteous Pinocchio."
March 31, 2010 –
page 61
4.78% "I did it! I did it! I finished the Villefort chapter:-) By the end I liked him, just kind of thrown by the change in tone."
April 1, 2010 –
page 79
6.19% "If only Edmund had Jiminy Cricket, I feel like this whole mess could have been avoided."
April 1, 2010 –
page 83
6.5% "Finally! Edmund is growing up! (and by grow up I mean threatening to hide in the dark waiting to crack open the skull of a guard."
April 4, 2010 –
page 148
11.6% "Story as old as time. Lonely boy wrongly imprisoned in dungeon. Lonely boy wrongly imprisoned longer. Dig a tunnel with a plate. Friends:-)"
April 4, 2010 –
page 175
13.71% "Abbe Faria is a total bad ass!!! Seriously. Sadly, I feel my time with him is short lived."
April 5, 2010 –
page 201
15.75% "I broke 200 pages!!! Also, Chapter 20 had me on the edge of my seat!!! I can not believe how it ended:-0"
April 11, 2010 –
page 267
20.92% "Oh Caderousse, you do now how to tell a story;-)"
April 15, 2010 –
page 312
24.45% "I feel like the soundtrack just changed from "Shiny Happy People" to "Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing". Also, starting to meet the anime cast:-)"
April 16, 2010 –
page 329
25.78% "Well done Dumas, the hashish-induced orgy between a young boy and three female statues did completely catch me off guard. WTFrak!?"
April 18, 2010 –
page 345
27.04% "What left after near double suicide and statue orgy, why gang rape of course:-) On a different note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID TENNANT!!!"
April 21, 2010 –
page 395
30.96% "Behold the avenging angel!!! Mwa. Ha. Hee. Ho. Mwwwaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!! MWWAYAHAAYAHAAYAHAYAHAY!!!!"
April 22, 2010 –
page 430
33.7% "So I'm just gonna go on record and say that the Count of Monte Cristo is way better than a MasterCard."
April 22, 2010 –
page 430
33.7% "Albert. Kind of a bad ass."
April 24, 2010 –
page 468
36.68% "In which we discover that The Count overcomes hunger and sleep through homemade drugs and hires a sex slave who only speaks Romaic."
April 24, 2010 –
page 500
39.18% "So much reading. So much laundry."
April 25, 2010 –
page 514
40.28% "La Concarte is totally going to pull a Lady MacBeth!"
April 27, 2010 –
page 548
42.95% "I had forgotten that Lucien was Mrs. Jones'n Mademoiselle Danglars."
April 28, 2010 –
page 558
43.73% "The Count and Villefort finally have their "first" encounter! Awesome! How do you respond to the old Satan made me an agent of providence!?"
May 5, 2010 –
page 563
44.12% "I love it when Haydee tells The Count that he is hot like her dad! So sexy:-/"
May 8, 2010 –
page 654
51.25% "I find the relationship between Valentine and Maximilien equal parts charming and exhausting."
May 12, 2010 –
page 750
58.78% "I think Albert and The Count are kind of adorable together. I would watch a buddy sitcom about them."
May 13, 2010 –
page 773
60.58% ""The Ball" and "Bread and Salt" are perhaps the two best chapters ever."
May 16, 2010 –
page 860
67.4% "Oh Haydee, you tell the best stories:-)"
May 17, 2010 –
page 896
70.22% "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Then poison that lemonade and leave it out for others to drink."
May 20, 2010 –
page 979
76.72% "Albert and The Count are gonna scrap!!! Suddenly the buddy sitcom in which I wanted them to star seems less likely."
May 20, 2010 –
page 1000
78.37% "PAGE 1000!!! That's right!!! PAGE ONE-FREAKING-THOUSAND!!! I'm so close to the end of this book I could run out and find seconds right now...for a duel, because seriously...we should totally have duels more often:-)"
May 22, 2010 –
page 1057
82.84% "The character of Eugenie has proven to be quite the revelation! A proto-feminist to be sure. I can't tell if Eugenie is intended to be a lesbian within the confines of 1844 when the book was published or if it is merely an example of a strong female friendship. I opt more for the lesbian reading given the events of "The Road to Belgium". Regardless, she has some of the best dialogue in the entire novel."
May 27, 2010 –
page 1276
100.0% "It is finished and I really had to do was wait and hope:-)"
May 28, 2010 – Finished Reading
October 25, 2010 – Shelved as: classics

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