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The 5000 Year Leap by W. Cleon Skousen
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Mar 27, 2010

it was amazing
Read in March, 2010

Absolutely essential reading.

With all the rewriting of history that has been going on since the Social Gospel of the late 1800's became the Progressive movement, a clear outline of the principles that the founders used in the formation of our government has been needed. This book shines a light on the path that we are on now and how lost we have become. All the sophomoric doublespeak that has become the language of the MSM and political hacks is now exposed for what it is: a lie.

Principles, such as the absolute necessity of having a moral people, have been eroded by emotional choices that seemed right at the time. Our courts allowed freedom of religion to be misinterpreted as freedom from religion.

The christian notion that "All men are created equal", has been subverted by the Marxist pablum that all men should be the same.

When sameness becomes the new equality, nobody is safe. Equal rights become a thought crime. Racism an epithet that only one race may be smeared by.

By rewriting the Constitution into a document that outlines what we are free to do, instead of what we originally were free from (namely government meddling), we have become a nation of serfs.

Skousen has written a book 30 years before its time. Today, conservatives are alarmed by these recent power grabs: Government ownership of auto manufactures, banks, and now health care, with more on the way. The IRS is being made a security force that answers to no one. The dollar is spiraling out of control as joblessness is now at almost 20% (if honest reporting were conducted).

He was able to see this all.

This is our way back.
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