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The Darkest Whisper by Gena Showalter
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** spoiler alert ** The fourth installment in the Lords of The Underworld series was a leap forward in both the storyline and the action I think. Not to mention the most intense sex scene of the series was in this book if you ask me -You know which one I'm talking about, it involves a forest and a pissed off Harpy in training who's nudged by a certain demon of Doubt, and I think somewhere in there there was also tearing of pants and pushing a Lord up against a tree. I'm a bit fuzzy on the details now.- I thought this one was full of surprises and brought the situation of the Lords onto a new level.

The book matched Sabin, the most aggressive of the Lords in my opinion, and the a true leader, with Gwen, a fierce Harpy who's yet to discover and learn not to fear her powers. I have to admit, it took me a while to get used to Gwen, even without Sabin's demon, Doubt, she already had a lot on her plate, she constantly doubted herself and her powers and she always thought of herself as a weakling among the family. Apparently Harpies are dangerous creatures, and we get a good couple of chances to see that throughout the book. Gwen is like a little girl who wants to be pampered but also she has a much darker side that needs to be feared which made her the perfect match for Sabin and his war-tolerant tough dark side. And the way she embraced her own dark side, thanks to the ever-so-happy-to-help Sabin, was nicely laid out. We also met her 3 sisters who I wanted to hate but ended up loving by the way. I kinda hope one of them ends up with Amun, cause I thought he was eyeing one of them during Gwen's tarinings but couldn't be sure which one. I like the idea of the quiet man with a fierce creature like those, not to mention they have the glittery skin that I envied while reading.

Sabin also had a dilemma of his own. The good, strong and non-compromising leader that he is, he was faced with the choice of war against love in this one. And even though I give Paris a hard time for struggling between Aeron and Sienna, I'm glad Sabin made his choice towards Gwen. Not that I had any doubts about it. Which brings me to my shock over the truth about Galen. I did not see that coming. And I'm not talking Gideon-talk. That was a surprise and I wonder how things'll go after this with Galen also knowing this. And I wonder who that woman in Danika's portrait with him. And what's gonna happen to those kids from Hunter High-a name I loved by the way. Did Paris really see Sienna or was he just ambrosia-dreaming? Is there a way for me to strike this mysterious angel out and replace her with me for Aeron? So many questions..

Sooo glad to see some of Amun, Kane and Strider in this one. And Gideon, oh Gideon. Since we're closing in on his book I guess that's expected but love the guy. Poor man though, it broke my heart when he spoke the truth about how he felt to that SOB Dean Stephano and got hurt like hell. That man needs to die, like, yesterday.

I was so excited about Torin and Cameo until a pointy-eared woman appeared out of nowhere on Torin's monitors and disappointed me. I really liked the idea of those two and was kinda hoping they'd be each other's HEA. Especially after the monologue we had of Torin about him wrapping his finger around her hair and all. Gena, why?

This one left me with so many questions, and it was a great step to take the story further, Gena seems smarter and smarter with every book, introducing new troubles and possiblities. And isn't it just awesome that past couples don't disappear in the new books? Did I mention this before? Maybe once right? I freaking love that part of this series. And the way these guys support each other and love each other, and the way they truly love each other's women, it's so freaking adorable. If there was a way to give 6 starts to books here, this series would've gotten one for each from me.
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LMAO. I love this book. It's so fantastic! And you just stop thinking about my sex scene with Sabin, you little minx! LOL. Ohhh, Gideon. So adorable, so sad.

Of course, I already know what you think about this and you know what I think so I'm not going to say much more, LOL

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ LOL. I'M THERE!!

But don't worry, thankfully you don't have just Sabin and hey, I can always replace him with someone else in the forest! LOL. And you know I already did ;)


LOL. Oh yes, I know you have ;P

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) I'm FINALLY reading this one! WOO HOO! I'm looking forward to read that sex scene you're getting all hot and bothered about!

Great review!!!

Leah Whooo hooo! Go, Annie! Trust us, that scene in the woods is the epitome of sexy! It's one of my favorite sex scenes in the whole series.

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ Annie, you'll LOVE it!! ;D
Not that much can go wrong in sex with a hot smexy man in the woods!

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) Ooh! Your fave sex scene in the series?! Wow, that must be big then, Leah! I don't know which sex scene is my favourite YET. I'll let you know...;P

Gokce, that does sound HOT! :D

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ Do let us know Annie! I, personally, plan to give the book to my boyfriend in the future and tell him 'this is what I want!!' LOL.

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) LMAO! Good idea! I personally think guys should use paranormal romance books as a learning guide on how to satisfy your lady.

What's your fave sex scene Gokce?

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ Yesss!! I know some guys who actually agree that such books give them an insight to what women find sexy ;)

In this book? The wild jungle sex, I think it was after a training session or something, and Gwen was pissed :) Did you finish it?

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) LOL. Smart guys.

That one seems popular. I just finished reading that scene right now. HOT HOT! Almost done!

message 12: by Leah (new) - rated it 5 stars

Leah LOL! I plan on giving my boyfriend a bunch of different sex scenes for him to read so he knows what the hell I want!

Annie, just wait until The Darkest Passion. There are very sexy sex scenes in that book, too!

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ LOL Leah!! This sounds like a popular plan!! I've got all the sex planned out, now the only thing I need is to find the boyfriend!! :P

Oh yes, Annie, Darkest Passion..My Aeron.. ;)

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) LMAO! Leah, what a great plan! You know what other series has really hot scenes in them? Demonica! Come on, Gokce, you gotta back me up on this one, right? MMM Lore!

I've read The Darkest Passion and hell yeahh, you're right! Aeron is damn sexy!

LOL, Gokce, "I've got all the sex planned out..." HELL YEAH!

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ OH YEAH! Demonica..Lore's my fave so far, though I haven't read Sin Undone yet. OMG I haven't read Sin Undone yet!!!! But Shade's got pretty awesome sex too, and I LOVE Con!! It cracked me up when he got caught by Sin while he was gettin' his money from..oh shoot what was the name of that sexy werewolf?? Oh Con..

Oh hell, I can't choose, I want them ALL!! LOL.



Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) Me too! I love Lore. I think he's perfect! OMG you haven't read Sin Undone yet!! Get to it girl! You're missing out!! Yeah, Shade's awesome with the whole BDSM thang he's got going on. Runa's a lucky girl. Con's damn smexy too. Oh geez. I'm getting in fangirl mode again...

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ Getting in fangirl mode?? I feel like I'm never out of fangirl mode these days! :)
Got a love/hate thing going on with BDSM but I sure wouldn't mind the action with Shade!

OMG I know! I'm starting it after thia one book I'm reading. I'm so excited I have something Demonica to look forward to :)

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) Yeah! You know I like the love/hate thing between people. And Shade, come on. Would anyone turn him down?

Woo hoo! So excited to hear what you think of it. And let me tell you, one of my fave sex scenes EVER is in that book. So HOT. I'll never look at snow the same way again...:P

message 19: by Leah (new) - rated it 5 stars

Leah LOL "Now all I need to do is find a boyfriend" - Same here, Gokce!

Sadly, I have not yet read the Demonica books. Gokce, I think that, if you own them you should send them to me to borrow...*cough cough* LOL ;P

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ Shade?? Not me to turn him down, thankyouverymuch!! :D

OMG I can't wait Annie!!! Snow?? And winter's coming!! LOL :P After the Lisa Kleypas book I'm reading now, I'm definitely reading Sin Undone!! I think it's time I have me some Con lovin'!!! ;D

Leah, oh you should!! They're pretty awesome!
LOL. I only own the last one, Sin Undone, the rest I borrowed from the library. Though I'm making plans to own the whole series ;) I'd happily lend you anything I own babe!! :D

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) Leah! You HAVE to read the Demonica series. It's like my fave pnr series after BDB. So good!

OH YEAH GOCKE!SNOW! You're going to love it! I won't tell you any more than that though. But you'll know it when you read it. ;P Then tell me what you think!

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ Oh I sure will Annie! Can't wait! You'll know when I got to the snow part I assure you ;D

message 23: by Leah (new) - rated it 5 stars

Leah Grrr. That's unfortunate. However, should you own them in the future...keep your girl in mind, eh? And thanks for the offer. If there's anything I want to borrow I'll ask, LOL ;P

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ Absolutely babe! When I own them in the future -yes, when not if lol- I'll let you borrow them, how can I forget about you?? ;D

message 25: by Leah (new) - rated it 5 stars

Leah You can't, that's how! Your life would be incomplete without me so you could never forget me! LOL ;P

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ LOL. So true! :D

message 27: by Leah (new) - rated it 5 stars

Leah LOL! ;P

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