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The Shadow Throne by Django Wexler
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it was amazing
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4.5 Stars.

A second great instalment in what is quickly becoming one of my favourite new fantasy series'. After receiving some criticism for his intense focus on a flintlock fantasy military campaign in The Thousand Names Wexler showed here that he can write a more traditional fantasy adventure with the best of them. While I didn’t enjoy this as much as the last one it was still a fun, easy read that kept me turning the pages and the finale, where Wexler finally brought his ability to write a brutal, immersive battle scene out of storage, was extremely strong and has left me eagerly awaiting the next book.

Full review to come...

Okay full review is not coming. After more than 3 years my more astute fans probably put that together themselves. I actually had a full review that I thought was pretty damn good ready to go at one point but I lost it somehow (I think this might have been the time my laptop crashed a few years ago but it also might have been GR being wonky) and was unable to muster up the energy to write the entire thing out again afterwards. Now it's 3 years later and I only vaguely remember what happened in this (although I do remember it being really good and I stand by my earlier mini-review). This is disappointing because this half-assed review got a like from none other than Django "Unchained" Wexler himself so I had a lot to live up to. This is why you should always wait for the full review before committing your like folks. That's just GR rule #1.
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December 13, 2014 – Started Reading
December 13, 2014 –
0.0% "I've been meaning to read this since finishing The Thousand Names a few months ago. I've heard good things so I'm hopeful that this one will further deliver on the series' potential for awesomeness."
December 14, 2014 –
7.0% "The new POV character, Raesinia, is pretty cool so far. The 'princess escaping the palace to mingle with the peasants' bit is kind of clichéd, but her magical power is interesting and her plot to incite a revolt is intriguing."
December 16, 2014 –
28.0% "The focus on realistic flintlock-fantasy military action from the first book has pretty much completely disappeared in favour of more traditional adventure with some politics in the background. I miss the military stuff (which is usually my favourite stuff in fantasy) but what this book does it does really well."
December 19, 2014 –
36.0% "Raesinia's sections remind me a bit of Tehol's in Midnight Tides, with a conspiracy to undermine an evil government using economics. The banter is nowhere near as hilarious though. Needs more Bugg :D"
December 22, 2014 –
64.0% " “Does he know that I know that he knows you are who he thinks you are?” Jane tried to think about that, and went cross-eyed. \n \n So Winter (who spent the last book disguised as a lad so she could serve in the army) has run into Marcus, her former CO, without her disguise... And for some reason Marcus immediately believes that 'he' must be on an undercover mission and doesn't ask any questions. Alright then."
December 23, 2014 –
75.0% "So a bunch of plucky teenage girls are joining the army to prove everyone wrong. It's a really hackney storyline but since it's Christmas I'll give it a pass :) Meanwhile a lot of the changes Janus is making to the army are very similar to those made to the French armies during the Revolution, which is a subtle shout out to history nerds that I think is awesome :D"
December 24, 2014 –
97.0% "Damn that was an ending. After being criticised in places for his intense focus on a military campaigns in the last book Wexler obviously focused on more traditional fantasy-adventure storylines in this one, but he always had an awesome battle scene in his locker. I was going to give this a straight 4 stars as an enjoyable but not particularly gripping read but now it's 4.5 and I'm not sure which way to round it."
December 24, 2014 –
98.0% "Also, to add to my last post, that scene confirmed Wexler as one of the best writers of battle scenes in the business (Cornwell also deserves a mention on that list)."
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December 24, 2014 – Shelved as: review-to-come
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Anirudh Waiting for paperback :)

Joel Gods, I love Wexler's work.

Conor Anirudh: Hopefully reading and liking my review will tide you over until it arrives :D

Joel: One of my favourite fantasy authors. I'm really psyched for The Price of Valour.

Kaleb I after finishing the first book, I am really excited to get into this one. I can't wait for your review.

Conor Thanks mate. A lot of people seem to like this one more than the first and although I missed the military action from TTN this was still an awesome read. You definitely have something to look forward to.

Anirudh What about the full review? :P

Conor I have a few reviews I've been meaning to write up but with the holidays I don't have much time. I'll have to try and manage it though.. for the fans :D

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