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The Girl With All the Gifts by M.R. Carey
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it was amazing

Ten year old Melanie, a bright curious, lovable child looks forward to the days that
Miss Justineau teaches class. She never knows what day that might be, but whatever day that is-- is the happiest of all.
Melanie notices that Miss Justineau is different from other teachers. For one thing she is always wearing 'something' which is 'red' in color. Melanie notices everything about Miss Justineau. Melanie especially loves the Greek Mythology stories that Miss Justineau reads the class. She learns that Pandora is the expressed to mean "The Girl With All The Gifts"....( as to open the box and release evil in the world)

Melanie, and other children around her age, wait in their caged-imprisoned room, until the Military guards come and strap them to a wheelchair and take them to class.
A secure Military facility is holding these children - testing them - trying to find a cure for a fungal parasite that they are carrying. The entire surroundings is infected -highly populated with "The Hungries" ....who's mission is to kill and feed on humans.

Melanie has the same parasite as the other children --- but just as there seems to be something a little different about her favorite teacher, Miss Justineau, she, too, is different. She just might have her 'own' special gifts!!! :)

I know many people have read this before me - have said its a horror' -- a 'zombie apocalypse book --- ( it is and it's pretty gory, too) -- but there is something so completely enthralling and fantastic about this book ... I HAD NO IDEA...
Why didn't other's tell me??? Oh... a few of you did!

I loved the ending!
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message 1: by Toni (new)

Toni You tricky trickster you! You almost sucked me in with the la la la beginning. Elyse, goodness gracious. Thanks for the last paragraph that saved me from reading this book. You know I'm a total WIMP. HAHA Really, I am.

Elyse Walters Toni: You make me laugh so much ... And I'm walking ... It's hard to laugh and walk and talk into my phone at the same time .
I remember buying this book in Austin Texas years ago at a half-price bookstore --- then got scared when I realized somebody said that word 'horror'.... So even though I owned it, I wouldn't read it. But then I kept hearing about the new book this author just came out with .... And I decided to start reading it . It's not what you think ---- it's as sweet as can be FOR being a horror story. I don't know how else to describe it… Other than it's really good and you love the little girl and I love the teacher ...
I'm sure you won't read it but if you ever do the right surprise yourself.

Hugs to you by the way!!!!

Candi Great review, Elyse! I never thought this would be "my" kind of book, but I read it anyway and was so surprised at how much I loved it!!

message 4: by Toni (new)

Toni Ohhhh maybe. Hugs back Elyse! Glad I made you laugh.

Elyse Walters Candi ---I felt the same!!!!!!!!

Toni..........Read what 'Candi' said! lol

message 6: by 7jane (new)

7jane Sounds great; I need to bump this up on my TBR list (yes, list - there's too many TBR to make a pile: would be higher than the ceiling XD :) )

Elyse Walters Laughing... me too, Jane....
Could you imagine if we put your pile, and my pile together?

message 8: by 7jane (new)

7jane Elyse wrote: "Laughing... me too, Jane....
Could you imagine if we put your pile, and my pile together?"

Reach the moon! XD Whatever way, a rather tall pile ::)

Karen Dear Elyse
This was the book that I read half way through but did not finish. I loved Melanie and how protective of her students Miss Justineau is. Your review saying you loved the ending makes me feel like I should have stuck with it. I am sorry if I discouraged you from reading it. I almost never do not finish a book that I am reading. On a positive note maybe I should rebuy this since so many readers I really admire loved it.xxoo

Elyse Walters Don't worry Karen.... Thousands of people have read it, and if it didn't resonate with you there are so many other books to get to. I love how Knoxville you always are.

message 11: by LS (new)

LS Enjoyed this review -- prompts me to suggest you might like THE EVOLUTION OF GLORY LOOMIS ... The Evolution of Glory Loomis by Michael Bassen

Elyse Walters Thank you LS :)

Leslie Great review, thanks Elyse! Like Karen, I too read the first part of this one but did not finish it... It wasn't because I was 'scared' though I can't really recall why I stalled out. However, I had been wanting to finish the (audio)book of this, and your review--particularly the part regarding the ending--helped prompt me to do so! :)

Elyse Walters Thanks Leslie. It was good huh? :) xo

Aj the Ravenous Reader This is indeed an enthralling read. So much more than a zombie book. I really loved this too. Excellent review, Ms. Elyse! <3

Taisha Mckoy I’m gonna bump this up on my TBR list after reading your review. Great review, thank you.

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