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P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han
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Jun 02, 2014

really liked it
bookshelves: 4-star, contemporary, rep-poc

Reasons why I enjoyed P.S. I Still Love You more than To All the Boys I've Loved Before:

1. Lara Jean wasn't nearly as insufferable. I cannot put my finger on what it was exactly but somehow I actually came to care for her. She shed the immature little girl facade from the last book, and suddenly became this girl that knew what she wanted - or at least decided to figure what it was that she wanted - and didn't let anyone stop her from trying to get there. Along the way, sure, she stumbled, but she kept getting back up again. It was really refreshing.

2. Kitty. Honestly, I love her character so much it isn't even funny. She's easily my favourite from this series. She's a wise little girl and makes me laugh. I loved her drive, her curiosity and how blunt she was. She reminded me so much of myself in that regard!

3. I also loved the subplot of Lara Jean's job at the nursing home. Her friendship with Stormy and Alicia caused many hilarious scenes but also some great moral discussions.

4. The exploration into what it means to grow up, moving on, friendships that don't work out, what it means to be in a relationship, how to choose what you want and who you want to be... I'm a student going through high school myself and a lot of that stuff is plaguing me too. I found it completely relatable.

5. The writing was simple but complemented the story. I didn't really notice it in To All the Boys I've Loved Before but it was quite apparent this time around and I liked that.

Reasons why I couldn't give it five stars:

1. The romance was still ridiculously dramatic. There was literally no need for the new love triangle. None. John wasn't a bad character, but he didn't need to pine for Lara Jean too.

2. I don't know what happened to Josh. Was his character only ditched because of his and Margo's break up? He was one of Lara Jean's best friends and you know what? Shit happens. People break up. You don't toss your friends away because of it. He lives right next door to her. There's barely any excuse for her not to make an effort to be friends with him again. Josh deserves that.

3. Lara Jean still cried and giggled way too much for my liking.

4. The fact that this series is pitched at being a duology but we still didn't get any real Peter and Lara Jean time. I wanted more and wasn't happy with where it ended. I have both my fingers and toes crossed for a sequel. Please, please, please.

Overall, this book was much better than To All the Boys I've Loved Before. I liked the character of Lara Jean and enjoyed the little romance we got between her and Peter. I would recommend this to people that enjoyed the high school drama of Pretty Little Liars but wanted a cast of characters, romance and character development more like 17 First Kisses.
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Irena yeah, the cover is really pretty!

rachel • typed truths I love it! It matches the last one enough but is still unique at the same time. Its so pretty!

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