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Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
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Mar 24, 2010

did not like it

Reading Response to Shiloh April 17

In the book Shiloh there is actually a pretty big issue f law. The main character Marty wants to get this dog from the enemy Judd Travers because the dog gets all beat up kicked. Marty thinks that this should be against the law. He says it like violating a dog. There was a scene in the book where Marty find a whole in a dos head and it turns out to be Judd who shot the dog of his in the head. It is illegal to kill a dog though. Then there was another seen where Judd killed a doe out of season which was also illegal.

When Judd killed that doe I wondered about how we all at least did one thing illegal in our lives. D anything change? The answer for me is no. It goes from J-walking to murder. If you J-walk nothing happens but what if you murder something will happen.

But there is another side. Marty had kept Judd's dog because Judd was abusing it. That to is illegal but when you think about it the dog was beaten and almost killed s t just seems right to take the dog away. I think that is how Marty saw it so broke the law and took the dog. But if you want to do things accordig to the law t is not alllwed for a person who did nt pay for thr dog to take the dog.

I would actually side with Judd no matter how much he beats the dog. Judd has killed a dog before but thats the other dog. The amin idea is the one main dof Shiloh. Judd has just beaten him and its only illegal to kill him so the dog should still automatically be his. Even if marty goes and tell the officers it doesnt change the law. The dog is still officialy Judds.

So it is kind of like marty robbed Judd. But in the end Marty ends up paying for the dog by working for it. That is the right way. So in different points of views there is a right and a wrong. Judds point of view was that marty taking the dog was illegal because Judd payed for it. Martys was the oppsoing side and he thought no it is leegal because Judd abused the dog. Abusing the dog is not right but marty didnt do anything that should let him keep the dog. So those are both different points of view.

Marty makes it seem right because he is trying to protect the dog but Judd acually payed for it so the only way he will be able to get it is if he pays for it. But the dog just wants to be free. Its like treating the dog like a slave so a question is why are dogs kept by us? They probably rather be free like any other human.

Also in this book there was a time where Judd decided to give Marty a chance to buy Shiloh by gaining some money by doing work for Judd. Marty worked really hard. He had cut and was always sweating off of that. That is pretty much child labor. Child labor is illegal. He worked marty so hardd just ffor that dog. So that is actually one things you can side with Judd in. He told marty that he wanted the wheat or some other crop cut until it could seep through his fingers like sand. I think that has to be pretty hard. That is kind of why child labor is illegal. Its that we kids cant do what adults do which is hard work. Judd has broken the law more but he still is right that Mrty should not have the dog. Marty has not payed for it. But later i the book he does and gets the dog. But Judd has to take a penelty. He has broken many laws.

In concusion the dog should be Judds until at the end of the book where marty finally pays for it.

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