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really liked it
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Oh, gosh, I love this series so freaking much. I surprise myself with how much I love it, actually. Mostly because a) they're huge and I usually dislike huge books, and b) they're not wholly original. But who cares? I'm partying in this fandom 7 years late, but HEY. Better late than never.

(I also think I love them because I'm a huge Supernatural [the tv series] fan and a lot of the lore is the same...gosh, TMI mentions "Abaddon" and "Lilith" and "Samandiriel" [excuse my spellings] and that's awesome.)

My only complaint is that the writing is so darn thick . And the story follows so many directions, it gets exhausting. I just want to get INTO IT, but there's all these details. I'm not a detail person. But I do love how well thought out the world is. And the world feels so real because of these details...so I forgive all the sludge and excess words and description.

It definitely doesn't suffer from sequel blues. I loved all the character development, especially in Jace and Simon's court. Clary is probably being the weakest of the threesome at this time. Jace is the strongest. Simon drove me crazy at the beginning, and not in a good way. He's very whiny and needy, and I just wanted him to shut up. (view spoiler) Jace is arrogant and cocky and witty, and yes, I'm mildly swooning, but ignore me. Of course there's all the awkwardness of him and Clary being siblings...and truth be told... loving your sibling in that way is yes sick . I'm kind of not okay with it!

Also everyone keeps going to say "but that's not true it's like --" and then they get cut off by a demon attack or what not AND I STILL DON'T KNOW ALL THE SECRETS. I JUST WANT TO KNOW.

I'm also impressed that there are adults around. Adults are usually absentee from these kind of adventure books. Even though the Lightwood parents aren't around, when they are, they're pretty kickbutt and serious. Although the mother drove me crazy with her treatment of Jace. It was so unfair. I also love Luke to pieces. I'm so glad Clary has him for a "father", because it makes things so much sweeter to know he cares for her. Like their conversation at the end of the book and he's like, "I might let you date when you're 30." He's really sweet and still jokes and doesn't stop Clary from saving the world. BONUS DADDY POINTS FOR LUKE.

The entire Lightwood family is quite awesome, actually. Max is adorable. Alec and Isabelle are the best.

Okay, so I loved it a lot! Not more than the first, but definitely on par. I need more, yes yes?
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Quotes C.G. Liked

Cassandra Clare
“I don't want to be a man," said Jace. "I want to be an angst-ridden teenager who can't confront his own inner demons and takes it out verbally on other people instead."
"Well," said Luke, "you're doing a fantastic job.”
Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes

Cassandra Clare
“Well, I’m not kissing the mundane," said Jace. "I’d rather stay down here and rot."
"Forever?" said Simon. "Forever’s an awfully long time."
Jace raised his eyebrows. "I knew it," he said. "You want to kiss me, don’t you?”
Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes

Cassandra Clare
“You might want to lie down," Magnus advised. "I find that it helps when the crushing sense of horrible realization sets in.”
Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes

Cassandra Clare
“Alec looked at her and shook his head. "How do you manage never to get mud on your clothes?"
Isabelle shrugged philosophically. "I'm pure at heart. It repels the dirt.”
Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes

Cassandra Clare
“Is there some particular reason that you're here?" ...
"Not this again."
"Not what again?" said Clary.
"Every time I annoy him, he retreats into his No Mundanes Allowed tree house." Simon pointed at Jace.”
Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes

Cassandra Clare
“Isabelle drifted over, Jace a pace behind her. She was wearing a long black dress with boots and an even longer cutaway coat of soft green velvet, the color of moss. "I can't believe you did it!" she exclaimed. "How did you get Magnus to let Jace leave?"
"Traded him for Alec," Clary said.
Isabelle looked mildly alarmed. "Not permanently?"
"No," said Jace. "Just for a few hours. Unless I don't come back," he added thoughtfully. "In which case, maybe he does get to keep Alec. Think of it as a lease with an option to buy."
Isabelle looked dubious. "Mom and Dad won't be pleased if they find out."
"That you freed a possible criminal by trading away your brother to a warlock who looks like a gay Sonic the Hedgehog and dresses like the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?" Simon inquired. "No, probably not.”
Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes

Cassandra Clare
“You see, cuckoos are parasites. They lay their eggs in other birds' nests. When the egg hatches, the baby cuckoo pushes the other baby birds out of the nest. The poor parent birds work themselves to death trying to find enough food to feed the enormous cuckoo child who has murdered their babies and taken their places."
"Enormous?" said Jace. "Did you just call me fat?"
"It was an analogy."
"I am not fat.”
Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes

Cassandra Clare
“We came to see Jace. Is he alright?"
"I don't know," Magnus said. "Does he normally just lie on the floor like that without moving?”
Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes

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Sydney And I promise you it just gets better and better. I hopped into this fandom about a year after the first book came out and have been loving it ever since. The world Clare has created is amazing, and I love it to pieces (and would so live in it if I would). The thickest books are the 5th and 6th, but they're so worth it if you continue on with the series. Clary becomes exceptionally bad ass, Simon is less whiny, Jace is fantastic as always... The characters all grow up and it's great development. I really can't wait for more Shadowhunter books. :P

C.G. Drews I'm so completely hooked. I'm already going to reserve book #3 and I NEVER stick with series for long...so this definitely means something for my warped-series-reading-habits. x) But hey! At least all the books are out so I don't have to have any horrible months of waiting for the next instalment, right?! XD

Sydney Haha exactly! And I highly recommend The Infernal Devices, which takes place in the late 1800s (if you haven't read it). The characters within TID are wonderfully done, and the last book actually brought tears to my eyes. So if you haven't read it yet, highly recommend it. :)

C.G. Drews I need to try them too, actually. THEY'RE ON MY TBR.

Kate Foley Oh gosh, if you loved Ashes THIS much--my least favorite in the series--just wait until you read Glass and Lost Souls!!! :) Those are my two favorites so far.

YES. I HATE long-winded descriptions. Authors should just get to the point faster. -_-

My BFF just bought Heavenly Fire on her beach vacation and she read it in three days. And I'm SOOO jealous because I've been waiting for forever for it to be my turn on the waiting list at the library! (Luckily, she's going to let me borrow it, but I have to wait until Friday. :P Not. Happy.)

Amanda G. (Nellie and Co. I remember reading this and feeling exactly the same, it was so much better than CoB to me personally and I finished the first three and just, wandered away? I have the following two, might get around to them at some point, who knows, BUT ALL YOUR FANGIRLING MADE ME HAPPY CAIT!

Amanda G. (Nellie and Co. I remember reading this and feeling exactly the same, it was so much better than CoB to me personally and I finished the first three and just, wandered away? I have the following two, might get around to them at some point, who knows, BUT ALL YOUR FANGIRLING MADE ME HAPPY CAIT!

Selena (Life of a Random) YOU SHOULD TOTALLY READ THE INFERNAL DEVICES BEFORE BOOK FIVE OF TMI. Or at least that's my opinion ;) I caught so many more hints and history and connections that way. :D


(And, MV and Skylar, yes, I want to try the other series now, because: Awesomeness.)

Briana (Reader, Writer, Critic) I loved the Infernal Devices almost more than TMI. I kind of had fun reading them after TMI, but it would probably be good to read before I guess. I don't think it really matters if you read before or after. I loved that (like Skylar said) it revealed so much history and made everything from TMI click into place without feeling like it was all redundant.

message 11: by C.G. (new) - rated it 4 stars

C.G. Drews I just need 6 or 7 more eyeballs and then I can read them all simultaneously.

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