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Swordmage by Richard  Baker
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Mar 23, 2010

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bookshelves: dungeons-and-dragons, fantasy

Pretty much just pure escapist reading, not much thought involved/needed. This is the fantasy genre's version of "summer/beach reading." Light and fluffy like meringue. Not bad for gaming fiction either (not sure what constitutes "gaming fiction"? Google it). Am I entirely proud to have read such tripe? No, but sometimes the brain needs a break from heavier reading. And yes, smartasses, there is such a thing as heavy fantasy reading...go away...

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Stefan "Heavy" fantasy reading of course being that which you rate at 5 stars, right? Because you are the judge of what the sheeple read and what connoisseurs such as yourself hand-pick.

LOL. Go away yourself. Your "review" stinks of arrogance and holier-than-thou elitism.

Anthony need a new hobby. Or a massage. Or anger management. You must be a young man, to have such fire in the belly that you feel the need to lash out at what you see as elitism. I sounded just like you, years ago. Then I realized that there are more important things in life than fighting over entertainment. I think it's a sign of maturity to NOT become so overheated over an obscure review on a website. We are all entitled to our opinions, yes? This is all just opinion here. You disagree. Fine. But to judge someone you will never meet based on a few pithy lines of opinion text? My friend, focus that fire on something of real importance in life. Attacking someone over a few words about a game fiction book is...well, you figure it out.

Anthony P.S. If you are not a young man, then perhaps you should worry about your health, mentally or physically or whatever.

Stefan You're just upset you got exposed. You call people "smartasses" and tell them to "go away," and then you have the gall to pretend you're as pure as a lily. Keep talking down to people and then washing your hands in innocence. Maybe you should do everyone a favor and go do some "heavy reading," you connoisseur you.

Anthony First of all, stranger, the true audience for my review was my Goodreads friends. So they were the ones I was calling "smartasses." So your assumption that I was talking to you or anyone else is pretty silly.

Secondly, I'm glad you have so much free time that you can latch on to some random person's tiny review on an equally random book. You have no idea who I am, and you're taking time to basically spam my Goodreads.

Diagnosis: you need to have some sex, my friend. Preferrably consensual. Based on your sentence structure and inexplicable attachment to the book in question (did you write it?), I'm not so sure about your ability to attract a willing mate.

Anthony By the way...what are you talking about?!

Stefan Anthony wrote: "First of all, stranger, the true audience for my review was my Goodreads friends. So they were the ones I was calling "smartasses." So your assumption that I was talking to you or anyone else is pr..."

You try to pass off stupid, arrogant peacocking as a "review" and talk down to people. The reason I responded to your laughable post was because of the sheer, unadulterated arrogance and holier-than-thou tone making it stand out as if a cloud of noxious garbage hung around it (hint: it does).

Thanks for since proving me right, with yet more condescending, I-know-better responses that prove you are nothing but an insecure tool who hides behind arrogant and condescending posts to rid himself of the embarrassment of daily life, where you are no doubt socially inept, scoffed at by everyone. Or perhaps you act the same way in real life as you do here: smugly talking down to people but wondering at the end ofthe day why people just can't stand you. Hint: it's because you are a nauseating, annoying brat. See? You're not the only one who can come up with a "diagnosis."

Keep talking down to me though you imbecile; maybe you can make some more assumptions about how I'm an idiot who can't write a correct sentence for the life of him or how I can't get laid. Laughable really, you insecure, bloviating bag of hot air.

Anthony It sounds like you need professional help. I'm serious here. Or just a friend. Stop reading Glenn Beck books and some of the other gloomy "America Alone"-type books. They're clearly making you very angry. Do I also sense a right-wing streak in you? That might also be a problem. Look, if you want to champion a cause, don't be the champion of some random novel on Goodreads and attack a person who's written a review with which you disagree. Go plant a tree, save the rainforest, fight to end disease/poverty/hunger, be a Big Brother to a kid, volunteer at a soup kitchen...just do SOMETHING worthwhile with all this passion you are displaying. Do something other than this meaningless non-argument. I beg you!

You don't have to be lonely.

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