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Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas
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Mar 22, 2010

it was amazing

4.5 stars.

When I finally got this book in the mail I screamed, giggled, squealed, and flailed like a madwoman. THRONE OF GLASS IS HERE! IN. MY. HANDS. HOLY JAYSUS!

Then, like any sensible person would, I devoured it instantly.

After I finished the book I sighed, sank back, and imagined all the future scenes to come and the ones that occurred in some sort of dreamy, everything is in shades of pink, view.

You know I’m going to do it, so I’m just going to spare you all the background info and say that there were a lot of internal comparisons going on while I read this book.

Celaena is just as fun as I remembered. She’s witty, crude, and wickedly awesome. I know many other reviewers harped on the fact that’s she so shallow, making her kind of ridiculous as an assassin, but honestly, I like her portrayal. I like the fact that she’s superficial, vain, crass, judgmental, and dramatic. So I didn’t mind her obsession for pretty clothes, food, and other shiny things. She makes the most awesome comebacks and has no problem standing up for herself when needed.

If all assassins were cold, calculating, and stoic this would be so boring. I’d get really tired of the same old, same old. I think she’s such a fresh voice and then even if she’s an assassin she still has her own personality and while she’s suffered her own traumatic events it doesn’t make her withdrawn enough to not enjoy the pleasures life can give her. One aspect of her is that her moral and ethical groundings are not fully developed so I’m excited to see how this grows in future books.

I can really see the differences she’s made and some of them I really liked and others I’m a bit more ambivalent about.

One of them is Dorian. The one reason the romance never really worked for me in this story (despite the fact that my heart was already stolen by Sam) is that he’s rather immature, naïve, and lacking in a backbone. I liked his previous, older incarnation better because he was a lot more charismatic, suave, and the romance that happened between them seemed a bit more natural. Although he is taken in by her beauty, they learn to understand and discover each other a lot better.

I loved Chaol in this portrayal – though I liked him in the first story. He has quite a larger presence than in the original draft and while he’s the same stoic, conflicted soldier, we can see a bit more insight into his thoughts and actions. We’re able to see a lot more quickly and easily how he grows to care for her and contemplates her character. He was a bit more mysterious and antagonistic, I think, but this new version of him gives the relationship between him and Celaena a lot more sizzling chemistry (although they had this in the original as well).

Celaena, too, is a bit different. She was more cynical, sullen, broken, and a lot more angry. But the trademark things that made her her are still intact and I couldn’t help the snickers when she put down and shut up a lot of her rivals with her witty remarks. I can’t tell you how much I grinned when I came across some familiar scenes from the original draft in this book.

I know many people complained about the love triangle but I didn't see it - or feel it - really. Sure there may have been a bit too much emphasis on how good looking someone was at awkward moments but real feelings aren't even expressed by either components of the love triangle except for Dorian. Chaol doesn't even do anything overly forward to really cement things in. I did love the things he did for her though. Celaena doesn't even dither about her feelings all that much either - which seems to be a requirement in YA love triangles. So, I dunno about you but it didn't bother me at all.

Now onto an important part of stories - the plot. The plot is a lot faster. She sets up the magic versus no magic subplot a lot faster, as well as the secret things buried in time that are going to become very important later. I’d say the second half of this book was mostly new material. It really surprised me and had me glued to the pages. I thought this was the strongest part of the book. Btw, Nehemia? Awesome! I’m so happy she changed what happened to her in this one.

As for the contest thing, I wish there had been more of a female presence in the competitors (and I may be wrong because in the first draft there were female competitors) because then it wouldn’t have been so male-biased and a whole me against them thing. The final showdown was awesome and I was going OMG, CELAENA!

The original draft of this story was actually a lot darker, gritty, and filled with tons of subplots, but I think this incarnation is perfect for the YA audience.

My waiting has not been for naught. I’m in love all over again.
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message 1: by Mary (new) - added it

Mary I started this a while ago, but I felt so confused with what was going on. Now I see that there was a prequel? Where can I get this?

Krystle Mary wrote: "I started this a while ago, but I felt so confused with what was going on. Now I see that there was a prequel? Where can I get this?"

The prequels are actually novellas that have been bound up into The Assassin's Blade. It helps give a bit more background on Celaena and her adventures before the main story. ^^;;.

message 3: by Mary (new) - added it

Mary Krystle wrote: "Mary wrote: "I started this a while ago, but I felt so confused with what was going on. Now I see that there was a prequel? Where can I get this?"

The prequels are actually novellas that have been..."

Wow thank you so much! I never could get into Throne of Glass, so hopefully I can now! :D

message 4: by Trinity (new) - added it

Trinity Thanks, this basically helped me to decide

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