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The Clearing by Heather Davis
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Mar 20, 2010

it was amazing
bookshelves: all-time-favorites, romance

I agree with some reviewers who have already posted here: Stories about Time Travel Romance are becoming more and more popular. I'd even go as far as to predict this genre will become the new Vampire Romance. Maybe. Or maybe it'll be Zombies that take the new top slot as Most Preferred Romance Sub-Genre among YA readers.

I've actually read quite a bit of the Time Travel genre, really liking some while getting bored with others. For example, I didn't really like "Time Traveler's Wife" too much (shock! I know. But I'm being honest. I got bored with it). However, I enjoyed "Door Through Washington Square, by Elaine Bergstrom and loved "Appointment With a Stranger," by Jean Thesman. It all comes down to likable characters and, most importantly, a story line I can follow despite jumps in timeline.

Another winner is Heather Davis' "The Clearing," which I absolutely devoured! After some serious trouble at home in Seattle, Amy is sent to live with her great-aunt Mae out in the country. Still mentally and psychologically burned by what she went through, Amy is afraid to make friends and afraid to trust anyone who reaches out to her. That is, until she meets Henry Briggs, the boy who lives on the other side of a mist-covered field at the edge of her aunt's property. Right away, Amy feels a deep connection to Henry--even though she senses there is something off about him.

Then one day Henry confesses the truth: He is from the past and, due to a so-called 'miracle,' he and his family have been constantly living through the summer of 1944 in order to avoid the tragedy that will strike the Briggs family at the end of the summer. Henry and his family are unaware almost 70 years have passed outside the protection of their little farm. As much as Henry is worried that Amy's presence will destroy what he and his family have, he is drawn to her.

Henry and Amy find love with each other--even though it all signs point to the fact that a true relationship between them is impossible.

Eventually, Amy learns something that will change everything: The tragedy Henry is trying to protect his family from isn't what he fears it will be. Knowing the truth, Henry begins to realize he has doomed his family instead of saved them and that he must make the choice to allow their world to move on--if he can.

And in allowing time to move forward as it should have in the first place, we (the reader) learn that the lives of Henry and Amy are connected in ways we never could have predicted.

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