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Debriefing by Aleksandr Voinov
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Mar 20, 2010

(Review from the author)
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A direct reaction to watching "Black Hawk Down" and written in between writing "Special Forces". Sometimes things like these come out to "clean out the pipes" - finger exercises.
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message 6: by ElaineY (last edited Mar 21, 2010 07:48PM) (new)

ElaineY I loved Hooch but I don't "get" fanfic so I'll give this a miss if it's a fanfic of Hoot from BHD. For some odd reason I haven't analyzed yet, I believe characters belong 100% to their creators and I won't read anything created by their fans.

I understand the enthusiasm, the passion...whatever... that produces fanfic but for me there's a certain loss of authenticity if the fanfic writer uses the same characters themselves.

I love Vadim with a passion but I wouldn't dream of writing fanfic of him nor read one. Ditto for Dan and I don't even like him half as much.

I loved Return On Investment so very much but wanted a more satisfying ending, a stronger HFN and sometimes at 3am I toy with the idea of writing an epilogue just for me. Then the sun comes up and I just about gag at myself.

Okay, this post probably belongs on a 'Do You Read Fanfic' thread or something but I'm too lazy to look and see.

message 5: by Aleksandr (new) - added it

Aleksandr Voinov *g* Go for it. I'm all for fanfic - I only did a few and I do it very rarely. I struggle lifting a character like that, so it's actually *harder* for me.

message 4: by Rhianon (last edited Apr 01, 2010 10:52AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Rhianon "Lifting characters" is a good turn of phrase. It's very difficult. I think it requires too much of getting into the writer's head and intentions, because as a reader you interpret and view the character(s) in your own unique fashion. And in rewriting them, they become something slightly "other" than what the writer fashioned them as.
And that would greatly be the reason why I have not touched Vadim in terms of fan fiction. Not because I wouldn't love to, but it's difficult for me to see myself being able to do his character justice. He has too many facets, too much depth. I couldn't begin to portray him authentically enough to carry it off. F&F movie fanfic I can do with my eyes closed. SF? Not a chance. :)
[ETA: Okay, maybe a little bit of a chance. It's still pinging around in the back of my head somewhere... *lol*]

message 3: by Aleksandr (new) - added it

Aleksandr Voinov After I've seen Blacker, my dear, I dispute the claim you couldn't write him. You'd write him differently, but I'm pretty sure you'd get him in a way I'd recognize him.

Rhianon Must.Finish.Black.

message 1: by Aleksandr (new) - added it

Aleksandr Voinov Oh yeah, Black first!

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