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A Sister's Gift by Giselle Green
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Mar 19, 2010

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Read from March 19 to 20, 2010

I picked this up on a featured display table in the library feeling quite intrigued by the story. Funny how a book can change your emotions quickly as you flip the pages of "A Sister's Gift".

The good thing is that Giselle has a good sense of understanding the art of writing character development. She managed to change my opinions about the two sister's intention of using each other to get what they want easily like the rate of a heartbeat displayed on the heart monitor machine in hospitals. I find myself feeling sympathetic towards the older sister who can't give birth and yet as it progresses, I get really annoyed by her desperate ways of wanting a child badly despite having a caring and loving husband who have to put up with her selfish nonsense all the time, until desperation drove her to a point where she made a VERY silly mistake. The pretension love that existed between her and her younger sister (Scarlett) was unbearable to read because there was absolutely no sisterly bond between them. Except they had play along with the pretense hoping something in return. Initially I did like Scarlett's way of thinking about life and how fearless she feels about living it. Only after chapters that a change of side resulted in me being disgusted with what Scarlett did in the past and how selfish she has been towards her sister all this time. To sum up about the characters, both showed they own side of being, "Heartless and single-minded" in the story.

A Sister's Gift is fairly a good write up about character development and a complex view of past secrets on sister relationship. Similar to Kim Edwards and Jodi Picoult, only that I feel it's not one dimensional and not a drag to read to get to the point.
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