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Pieces of Us by Pamela Ann
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really liked it

** spoiler alert ** 4 stars!!

I was standing in front of McDonalds, waiting for a friend (an hour late) and I just felt the urge to read this novel. I had the book since yesterday, I was so friggin excited to read it and the moment that I had it, I didn't feel like reading it anymore, I mean, 'yet'. I didn't touch the novel for a day, I didn't even peek. So, back to McDonalds, I was reading around 5% of the story and I was on the fucking edge! I was squeezing my legs, not because of a hot scene, I don't know, I feel like I'm protected from a bomb that way, weird. Oh, and I know for sure someone saw me shivering *goosebumps* coz I did, too many times!!!

Oh! Before I read the novel, I peeked, like I always do just to check that it's not a cliffie and it's HEA! And I also searched for a few words like 'pregnant', the T word (which is what I usually search for) and of course 'married' and the results were devastating!!! I was so damn pissed, and I friggin hate Edith! I don't even know what I looked like, hoped I didn't scare any customers away.

When Greyson got married, I though that she would end up miserable, she kinda did but with the help of Liam, she was able to have some little fun or 'outlet' to forget Greyson. I was actually hoping for Liv and Liam to get married, and of course, it's to get back at Greyson! He became an asshole! I mean, he asked her to wait somewhere inside the church, but then he was in front of the friggin altar waiting for that stupid whore!!! gahhhhhhhh!!!

I kinda felt bad that their parents won't be able to get married... awww!! such great parents...

I love the characters and the story, so why dafuq did I give it 4 stars?!?! Why you ask!??! it's friggin' short!!! I've waited months!! and this is all I get? a 6 to 7 hour-long novel? arghhh well,shit, I hope UNVEILED wouldn't be as short as this coz I've waited WAYYYY longer for it.

I know it's easy for the author to write more about Greyson and Liv, so please!! I know this is a duet, but I hope you change your mind... 2 books ain't enough for Greyson and Liv's story!! I want them to get married, have children, etc!!! But it's fine if you don't, maybe write a short novel? whatever!


Shit! I would loooooooove to see them get.... i'm gonna shut up now, this is a duet, a DUET!

P.S Please, for the love of God! Release UNVEILED now!!! Scorned was released way before Pieces of Me & You and yet Pieces of Us was released earlier than UNVEILED!!! GRRRR!!!!
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25.0% "Damn! I don't know how many times I shivered reading this novel!!! Shivering, thigh-squeezing, I think that's a normal reaction reading any of Pamela Ann's novels... I want to wring Edith's neck so damn bad! then I'm gonna kick Greyson's ass!"
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