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Missing in Action by Peter David
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Mar 19, 2010

liked it
bookshelves: star-trek

The events of After the Fall left the Excalibur stranded in some kind of universal pocket, similar to fluidic space. And they have no idea how to get home.

Soleta tries to return to Romulus but the Praetor is dead (after the events of Nemesis) and her ship is attacked, causing her and the crew to go on the run with no idea what to do or where to turn.

New Thallon is embroiled in a civil war with Si Cwan on one side and Fhermus on the other. Cwan begins to suspect Kallinda and sends Robin Lefler away so she isn't hurt.

Shelby's not sure how to deal with Mac's disappearance and the fact that Sector 221-G is off limits isn't helping her or Captain Mueller of the Trident find out where he went or how to get him back.

I don't think I like the plot line as much as I liked the previous book but it's not horrible.

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