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Night World, No. 2 by L.J. Smith
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Mar 19, 2010

it was amazing
Read from March 19 to 28, 2010

Dark Angel:
This one is probably the least favourite one in the series so far. I didn't like it that much, but thought it was okay-ish. :/ The main character, Gillain, annoyed me a lot. She got on my nerves constantly. Angel annoyed me to.. he was always in her head and I was screaming 'Leave the girl alone! Let her be herself!' *sigh* -.- And the boy, David, didn't have much of a personality... he wasn't really a stand out for me. I think their relationship was a lie for some reason.. because it wassn't really Gillian most of the time.. it was Angel, instead. People probably disagree with me on that, but oh well.

The Chosen:
The one was by far the best. I absolutely loved it. :3 Rashel was totally awesome and kinda reminded me of Rose from Vampire Academy. She had that kinda cool personality. Quinn was awesome too and I really wanted him to be in more though. I loved his personality but I wanted to know more about him. And it was really sad about Dove.I loved their relationship, and the whole plot. It was fast paced and kept me wanting to turn pages. I loved it all.

Soulmate was cute. I like Hannah and her personality. I thought the start was pretty funny. And I thought it was cool how she kept coming back and the parts were she was Hanna of the tree rivers. That was cool. I thought Paul was funny, too and I wished there was more of him in it. Thierry was interesting... but wasn't a standout for me. I wanted to know more with this story though: Why did she keep coming back? Was it because he had killed her the first time? It left me with a lot of questions. But overall, I really enjoyed it. The plot, the characters, everything.

I like this book better than the first one, and can't wait to read the third. :) And I'll give this 5 stars, because I loved it, and because of Chosen. ^^
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Regan ♥ I liked this book better than the first one. :) It was much more interesting. XD And I LOVED 'The Chosen.' Rashel and Quinn are so cute together. :)

Yarden Wallace I agree with everything you said. The Chosen was my favorite book in the series and Dark Angel was my least favorite in the series too. I just re-read The Chosen for my third time and it still is one of favorite books.

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