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Android Karenina by Ben H. Winters
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Mar 18, 2010

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Shannon (Giraffe Days) ANDROID KARENINA?!!

That's hilarious. Is he trying to say something about poor Anna's personality?

message 2: by Stephen (new) - added it

Stephen Anna and wives like her, probably!

message 4: by Stephen (new) - added it

Stephen I wasn't serious when I said that. xD

Shannon (Giraffe Days) I know! I was referring to the title! (Don't you hate this side of online communication? All the nuance and tone and facial expressions are lost!)

message 6: by Stephen (new) - added it

Stephen I agree! I lack intuition in these things, and usually end up arguing with people. I'm really so, so sorry! I seriously wouldn't have ever considered that you meant the title. X__X

Shannon (Giraffe Days) Oh I don't blame you in the least! I could have done better at clarifying my comment, but I lack the wit :D

message 8: by Stephen (new) - added it

Stephen Hah. And sadly, I lack the intelligence.

Shannon (Giraffe Days) Nonsense!

BTW, is this book actually out yet? I really don't think I want to read it, but I am curious. Is it like P&P&Z - the real text plus inserts - or a rewrite?

message 10: by Stephen (new) - added it

Stephen Not yet. It says here, in this site, that it'll come out on August 6 of this year.

I haven't read any Quirk classic, so I have no clue how these books go about. But from what I've read from reviews, the author of this book wrote Sense and Sensibility and Seamonsters much more creatively than PPZ's writer. And I'm guessing this one would be the same, a inserts.

Shannon (Giraffe Days) It's a very long book - I read it a few years ago, it's dense - so I'd imagine he'd have to abridge it too. I didn't read S&S&Sea Monsters, mostly because I wasn't thrilled by P&P&Z and I didn't want to read more Austen with inserted scenes. I haven't read any reviews of the Sea Monsters one either, I don't think...

message 12: by Stephen (new) - added it

Stephen I never finished the original, I'm afraid. It was way too complicated for me back then, and too long, which is why when I saw this, with pages half of the original novel, it came to me that this was the likeliest choice for a reread. I love reading really weird and funny stuff, but the books in the quirk series are getting really bad reviews(yours including)and they're expensive! Well, anyway, based on PPZ, do you think this book's worth it, even just for the entertainment value?

Shannon (Giraffe Days) Eh, maybe. Maybe more so if you didn't like the original so much. I'd rather these authors try to write something more original - isn't this basically cheating? I've been talking about it with friends lately and I keep coming back to this whole idea that it's cheap and sad to take a classic and just change bits. But, who knows, it could be good for a laugh? Be curious how you get androids two centuries ago, in agriculture-based Russia no less ... ;)

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