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Broken by Shiloh Walker
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Mar 16, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: erotic

I dedicate this post to all the book reviewer pimps who make me spend entirely way too much money and yes, I blame you for feeding my book addiction.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you are peer pressured. For some this involves illegal substances, but for me, it’s books. Where’s my Officer Friendly with his D.A.R.E. sticker?! Alas, I was pressured by tweets, book blogger reviews and constant status updates on Goodreads. Damn you all! So there I was, on a cold rainy day, marching my wet self ( durty birds… mind out of the gutter) towards B&N’s romance section. There is was. Broken by Shiloh Walker. The last copy and it was mine! All mine!!! {whispers…my precious]

It’s been awhile since a book has grabbed me within the first sentence and kept me hooked in until the end. Did I stay up until the early hours of the morn to finish it? Maybe. Okay, yes I did. Broken is a different kind of erotic read – we get a mixture of well written suspense combined with a dose of realism from characters Quinn and Sara. Walker starts off with Quinn hiding from his alcoholic abuses of his addict mother. After a fatal overdose Quinn’s mother dies leaving him with nothing but the bruises on his arm. He then finds out that he has a father who has been searching for him since his mother kidnapped him after he was born. Oh, and he’s also a twin. We encounter his inability to trust those that would want to help him, and later how this affects him coming into adulthood. With a job as a bounty hunter and a life led with no close relationships, he has no choice but to fall hard and fast for next door neighbor

On the run from wealthy businessman James Morgan, Sara has in hiding for two years. Her character has an appealing inner strength and vulnerable at the same time. I can’t tell you how much I cannot stand reading about helpless female characters (okay aside from Jaid Black’s Warlord series), and was pleasantly surprised at the character depth of how Sara was written. Perhaps my favorite scene is where she gives herself a pep talk (every morning) for her run. I won’t go into detail on why she has to do this, but I found it endearing.

Wounded warrior. She remembered thinking that the very first time she’d seen him, thinking it, and dismissing it because it didn’t go with the man. Except she’d been wrong.

For those of you seeking a meatier, real-life story, Broken is a suspenseful erotic read with well developed characters and a few twists that had my right eyebrow raising like this ::raises eyebrow::. Although the premise might sound dark it doesn’t read that way. I think this is a testament to Walker’s writing and her capacity to draw you in, and at times making you fall a little in love with Quinn and Sara.

I did not read the first book Fragile before reading Broken, techincally part of the same series you can read these as stand alones. The characters do make some guest appearances though.

PS. Do not get any bright ideas that I’ll succuomb to future peer book pressure. I have a will made of iron, I swears! Okay fine, I lie. Go easy on me please.
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