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Blood Pact by Tanya Huff
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Mar 16, 2010

really liked it
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Read from July 22 to August 01, 2010

Opening Line:"Mrs.Simmons? It's Vicki Nelson calling: the private investigator from Toronto."

BLOOD PACT is the 4th offering from Tanya Huff’s Blood (Ties) series. As a fan of the TV show I was thrilled to discover this series of books which now have the added benefit of visual references for our 3 main characters as they continue to battle both the supernatural and each other in their ongoing love triangle.

My favourite character here remains romance writing, bisexual vampire Henry Fitzroy. As the 450 year old illegitimate son of King Henry VIII turned modern day romance writer he’s both fascinating and swoon worthy. And with our love triangle finally coming to its shocking conclusion I fell even harder for him. Private Investigator Vicki Nelson is as inflexible and tough as ever and even though she’s still managing to sleep with both of them it’s a mystery to me why either Henry or blue collar cop Mike Celluci would love her because she’s not really a very likeable person.

I was again impressed by Huffs writing as she weaves together multiple POV’s and gives us a gruesome and truly horrifying story. This one creeped me out big time. Full of thought provoking moral issues, it’s a fantastic mixture of romance, horror, fantasy and suspense. The closing chapters are heart pounding and although many disliked the controversial ending I loved it, finding it to be the perfect and really only logical conclusion to the series.

Vickie’s been avoiding her mother’s phone calls so when she suddenly dies from a heart attack Vicki is not only grief stricken but wracked with guilt. Vicki travels to Kingston for the funeral and because both Mike and Henry are concerned for her fragile mental state they follow her. However the situation goes from bad to unthinkable when her mother’s body goes missing from the funeral home and later turns up outside the living room window, dead yet somehow horribly alive. Knowing that the Ontario police aren’t going to invest much time in looking for a body Vicki sets out on her own to find her Frankenstein mother. Refusing to grieve Vicki’s nastier than ever, which pairs Henry and Mike on the same team and watching them put their jealousies aside and become friends of a sort added a very sexy dynamic.

The real monsters in this story aren’t the zombies at all but the scientists experimenting and reanimating the dead and it’s with this discovery that our trio find themselves in dark and dangerous territory. Soon Henry’s trapped, starving and at the mercy of the scientists, Vicki’s about to lose her mind and zombies and mad, drunken scientists are running around killing each other in an abandoned hospital. Yup this is quite the ride.
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Bookwatcher I hope you like it. I didn't like this book (yeah, I know I told this before)... up to the #3 I love the serie, after this one I finished (had already buy the completed serie) but Tanya Huff change somethings that really kill my interest.

Buggy I'm liking it so far, so we will see. I don't plan on reading any furthur in the series after this one though. I think book #5 is just short stories and then it changes to Tony and Henry. So this is it. You have me concerned about whats going to happen through. Right now Henry is so in love with Vicki but she doesn't go into the next series so...???

Bookwatcher yeah... you are right the short stories were not interesting... I bought also that, so I read it (and hate it). And Tony and Henry was terrible... don't get it wrong, I like M/M and don't have anything against a good M/M book, but Tanya did a terrible book with such a wonderful characters! It was so sad! I loved Tony, and he was so incredible on Victory Nelson serie, but when he gets his serie was a waste of time and money. I truly hate it.

Buggy That's too bad because I also really like Tony and I'm a M/M fan. I liked that plot line in the Blood series, the fact that Henry went with both men and women was unique (in the paranormal world) and interesting.

Bookwatcher Buggy wrote: "That's too bad because I also really like Tony and I'm a M/M fan. I liked that plot line in the Blood series, the fact that Henry went with both men and women was unique (in the paranormal world) a..."

yeah! I agree! I was excepting a hot M/M between Henry and Tony but no... flat story and no M/M at all! So disappointing! I don't give up the Tony serie because I have something against a paranormal M/M, but give up because Tony was better written as character inside the Victoria Nelson serie. His serie was boring to death!

Buggy That's one of the things I hate about the series, so disappointing all these fade-to-black love scenes. I want the details!

message 7: by DarienMoya (new)

DarienMoya Did you say bi-sexual vampire, a book after my heart,lol.

Great review Buggy!

Buggy Thanks D, Yeah he is super sexy. Unfortunately all the love scenes are fade to black. But sometimes its even more fun(not really) imagining everything or deciphering all the sexual innuendos.

message 9: by DarienMoya (new)

DarienMoya I don't do fade to black, my mind suffers from overload.

Buggy Ha ha, I bet. Oh this character would be so good with the details

Bookwatcher I couldn't give more than 2 stars to this book...
Good... you like it! So.... you will keep reading the serie?

Buggy I loved the ending, it was so sad for Henry but just so perfect! and the story really creeped me out too. I was planning on stopping the series here but now I'm really curious about what happens in Vancouver and with Vicki's new status.

message 13: by Leah M (new) - added it

Leah M Great review.

Buggy Thanks Leah :)

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