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Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead
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Mar 15, 2010

it was ok
bookshelves: young-adult, paranormal-ya, reviews, makes-me-want-to-cut-a-bitch
Recommended for: Vampire Academy Superfans
Read from July 16 to 23, 2010

** spoiler alert ** My Thoughts:

I was very excited to read the 5th book in the Vampire Academy series. After what went down in Blood Promise, I knew that either Dimitri would die or he would become dhampire again. I also welcomed a return to Rose's relationship with Lissa & becoming reaquainted with other supporting characters that were mostly absent in BP. While it's true that the Dimitri problem was solved & I caught up with the gang, I wish I had've stopped at Blood Promise.

First, I didn't like how Adrian turned into a doormat in this novel. He's always been a little beta male but it's outrageous how much shit he let Rose get away with during their relationship. Every time he forgave her for running all over his feelings, I had an image in my head of him holding Rose's purse. That's what Adrian's role in this novel was. The guy who hold's Rose's purse & gets her out of trouble. Second, I am so over the Lissa/Christian relationship. They have got to be one of the most boring ass couples I've ever read about. I know this series is marketed to young adults but Lissa & Christian acted like 12-year-olds who'd just discovered sex. Ugh. Not to mention, Lissa is a debbie ho cake! I didn't really see it in previous novels because she was doing her own thing & the stars of the series have always been Rose & Dimitri for me but now I see the light! All these men want you & you've got to move in on your bestfriends ex-boyfriend? She tried to make it seem motherly, but this is the same chick who loves to flick her blonde hair, fluff up her pubescent boobies, & stick her tongue down the nearest guys throat every time she see's Christian talking to another women. Your just a slut-in-the-making, admit it.

My biggest issues with this novel are about Rose. In the beginning of this series, I thought her budding romance with Dimitri was sweet & yummy but now it's getting old. Prepare yourself for a mini rant. I hated Rose in this novel! She's so freaking selfish & I can't believe I didn't notice it before. I'm thinking I ignored her faults in previous novels because the storyline was still good but here, there was nothing but Rose & her bs. She constantly put herself & others in danger over her whims. I don't care about her going off to get killed but you've gotta have alot of balls (aka stupidity) not to think twice about getting other people killed repeatedly. If that's not bad enough, NO ONE calls her out on her actions. Eddie gave her the cold shoulder for letting Victor to go free (because she was too busy giving lustful kiddie cow-eyes to Evil Dimitri) for about two seconds but then it was back to "hey your my best friend ever!". Rose also went on a temper tantrum like every other chapter. Bitch, you need to sit you hyper butt down & take some Ambien. Even when Lissa called her out for arguing with Non-Evil-But-Now-Emo Dimitri in public, Rose felt the need to give them angry glares to "let her anger known". It's not all about you, Rose! I think that was her biggest problem. Everything was about her! Forget people dying, forget Victor being let loose to wreck havoc, forget ruining the lives of the friends who were stupid enough to help you. Hell, forget Non-Evil-But-Now-Emo Dimitri repeatedly telling her he doesn't want her childish butt anymore! It's about her, her, her. I wanted to knock Rose's face in so many times in this novel that I had to play Ghost Recon just to let out my anger.

As for Dimitri, I think he went overkill on the Emo. He doesn't want to be with Rose because he tortured/sexed/drugged her when he was evil but if the chica is stupid enough to still want you, take it! Stop feeling so sorry for yourself when you've got another chance at life! The one thing I agreed with Rose about was how messed up it was that Non-Evil-But-Now-Emo Dimitri looked at Ho Cake Lissa as his savior & totally diregarded Rose's part. She did almost everything to save him & all Lissa did was push a stake in.

Now to the ending. I kind of saw Rose's incarceration happening. She opened her big fat ass mouth way too much about Queen Tatiana for something bad not to go down. That's something else I don't get. When Rose was busy cursing out Queen T at the meeting or whatever it was called, it seemed like Mead was trying to say "Hey, look at Rose! Isn't she such a badass, talking crap to the Queen?" But all I really thought was "this chick is more stupid/idiotic than I thought she was, which was ALOT. STFU, Rose!". And then there's Rose's own descent into slutdom. NEBNE Dimitri rejected her yet again, & what does she decide to do? Run off to poor Adrian to give him her goodies! And when they don't have a condom, she decides to go to the next low & become a blood whore. Why is she a blood whore? Because she didn't decide to have sex with Adrian out of love, but because she felt sorry for herself. Poor poor Adrian, relegated to 2nd best. *shakes head* No, actually he was always second best to the great Dimitri (in Rose's eyes). Nevermind.

Even when Rose was in the clink, she found a way to blame others for her messed up decisions. SHE decided to spring Victor from jail. SHE decided not to kill Dimitri for the umpteenth time. SHE decided to say every little thing she was thinking & say it in front of strangers. But oh no, it's not her fault! It's Abe's fault, the judges fault, the deceased Queen T's fault. Hell, its even the fault of the dust bunnies under Rose's bed but never Rose. Not once in this novel did Rose take responsibility for her actions, other than the rare "I'm sorry" before she did the same crap over & over again. She doesn't freaking learn! I don't even have the satisfaction of knowing she'll be in the clink for murder because from Abe's cryptic words, he'll save her (like everyone else) & bust her out anyway.

I used to love Vampire Academy but I am over this series now. I don't like anyone but Adrian & even he is getting on my nerves the slightest bit. There was a time when I couldn't wait until the next book in this series came out but in Mead's attempt to make the characters seem cool & hip, she turned them all into conceited dumbasses. I'll Wikipedia Last Sacrifice or read friend's reviews if I have to, but I am not spending one more minute of my time on this series. Even if Rose magically redeems herself in LS, it's a little too late for me to give a shit.

On a side note, I was going to include the things I liked about this novel in my review but I didn't. Days after reading this, I can't remember a damn thing I liked. Maybe someone will refresh my memory.
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07/17/2010 page 108
22.0% "Wow. When did Rose become a selfish biatch? She's constantly putting her friends lives in danger for a man & all she has to say is "I feel bad, but I've got to do it!"" 12 comments
07/18/2010 page 200
41.0% "I CANNOT believe Rose is using Adrian's love for her to help her save her ex-boyfriend! Not to mention she got a bunch of innocent people killed because she's too punk to do what needs to be done. It's one thing to risk your own stupid, insignificant life but to put other peoples lives on the line for your bs is unacceptable." 14 comments
07/20/2010 page 325
66.0% "There better not be what I think is going on. Lissa, stay away from Dimitri, you ho cake!" 19 comments
07/21/2010 page 404
83.0% "Rose, shut up! I know your stressed out, feeling emo for yourself but STFU!!! Your mouth is gonna end up writing a check that your childish ass can't cash!" 4 comments
07/23/2010 page 489
100.0% "I'm speechless right now. I'll probably write a review on this novel in a few days but right now I'd spend too much time ranting about this bs than writing about the good things (as far and few as they are) about it." 14 comments

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message 1: by AH (new) - rated it 3 stars

AH I can't wait for your review of this one....

Desperado Thanks, AH! I don't know which way I'm gonna go but it's definitely starting out bad.

message 3: by AH (new) - rated it 3 stars

AH This book made me mad. I wanted to throttle Rose.

Desperado I don't think throttling Rose would help much. I mean this is the chick whose just dying to be with a guy who wants to eviscerate her.

Elena R a.k.a. Lunies R AH wrote: "This book made me mad. I wanted to throttle Rose."

Sam here GF,except on my wiggle & throttle list is Rose, Lisa,& Dimitri OMG! That's insane, the only laid back person is Adrian.

message 6: by RO (new)

RO This one has been on TBR pile for a while and was given to me by my friend Heather, who loved everything about it.
I hope to be able to get to it soon. Like your updates.

Desperado Thanks, Ro! Your so sweet ☺. I hope for your sake that you like this better than I am.

message 8: by RO (new)

RO You know,I feel bad that I have so many books in my pile and it just keeps growing and growing! Maybe in the next couple months or soI can get to it and will give an update. Shucks, I'm blushing. *g* Hope you have a super weekend!

Desperado Don't feel bad. LOTS of members.including myself, have a huge TBR pile on here & it steadily keeps growing. I love GR but it can be murder on your pockets. I look forward to reading your updates when you do get around to it & I hope you have a super weekend too!

message 10: by AH (new) - rated it 3 stars

AH OK, you said all that I wanted to say and more! Great review, LL!

Elena R a.k.a. Lunies R Lovely review, it took me a good two minutes to read, but it was all pure honesty. I loved it! Thanx for taking the time, to write nothing but the truth :)

& For now on Lissa's new name is "Ho Cake" lol! I like it!

Desperado Tyvm, AH & Elena! I was afraid this review would be crap since I kept jumping from past to present tense. I also noticed I forgot a few letters in a few words so I'm going to go back & fix them. Thank you so much!

Sorry about how long the review was, Elena. I tried to cut it down & there were alot of things I left out but the things I really wanted to say wouldn't fit into two paragraphs. And thanks for liking my new name for Lissa. Hell, her & Rose should be ho cakes now after that little stunt Rose pulled with Adrian towards the end. I know she didn't really like Adrian but to turn him into a piece of meat to satisfy her ego? *shakes head*

message 13: by AH (new) - rated it 3 stars

AH I don't remember anything that I did like about this book, so don't feel bad that you didn't put anything. I mean, come on, you free the most dangerous criminal in your world for what? A chance to save your boyfriend? And your friends go along for the ride? And Adrian - Even though I did not like how she treated him, I think he was also expecting that behavior from her.

Elena R a.k.a. Lunies R ♠LethalLovely~HBBIC♠ wrote: "Tyvm, AH & Elena! I was afraid this review would be crap since I kept jumping from past to present tense. I also noticed I forgot a few letters in a few words so I'm going to go back & fix them. Th..."

I thought is was perfect! No need to change or add anything =)

I do have a thought on Adrian,like maybe he did get feed up with Rose's dumbass, & he was the one who sets her up! What do you think? It's a huge guess, but I think it was someone close to her. Although I really don't give a shit. But it would be nice to find out who set Rose her up.

Desperado @ AH: I completely agree. You put all these people in danger to save your ex who wants nothing better than to kill you & drink your blood? Get you freaking priorities straight, hon! As for Adrian, I do think he was expecting Rose to treat him like crap but that makes me annoyed with him even more. Freaking loveable doormat.

@Elena R: Thank you very much! You might have something there! I didn't really take the time to wonder who might've set Rose up but it could definitely be Adrian! Everyone underestimates him but he has the resources & connections to pull something like that off. And remember, he was the one who convinced his mother to hire that sleezy attorney for Rose!

message 16: by Jason (new) - rated it 1 star

Jason I agree with all of this except for what I believe to be the unmerited slut-shaming of Lissa.

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