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Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser
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Mar 14, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: non-fiction, food-ecology

I really liked this book , perhaps it is easier to read because I am a vegetarian to start with so wasn't overcome with panic or guilt and was free to read on in righteous indignation from my lofty perch.. :-)

Truth be told I do occasionally eat junk food the average road trip tends to bring out the worste in me and anyway there aren't many filling stations which offer Tofu and Bean salad as an option.

I like the "David and Goliath" books, I have very little respect for the deliberately manipulative machinations of the corporate world in general. I am sure that many of the critisisms of the fast food industry could just as easily be leveled at the pharmaceutical companies, the oil companies, the cigarette monopolies and a host more.

What I found disturbing more than anything is that even for a fairly well informed and notably anti corporate odd bodd like me there were heaps of ramifications that I hadn't considered. More far reaching than simply clogging your atherosclerotic major vessels with modified, taste enhanced, fat filled genetically modified crap.

The ability to manufacture almost any flavour, the fact that you can call something natural even if it came from bacteria instead of bananas. The book served to both reinforce my resovle to be even more skeptical of manufacture's claims, to read the box, bottle or package and to keep a weather eye on the constant attempts that are made to "addict" us to something that isn't entirely good, unless you are a shareholder of course.

The book is both detailed and well researched and yet rarely if ever particularly dictatorial or overly dogmatic. Written in an easy style that would make its content available to a wide audience, although just perhaps those who should read it most won't.

There is a hidden message here as well though, consumers are suckers and the corporations know that. Reading this book might not change your life, it might not even stop us all being suckers, but we can at least attempt to be well informed suckers and that's a start.

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