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Mysterious by Nora Roberts
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Mar 14, 2010

liked it

Not my favorite Nora Roberts. These didn't age very well and most have very alpha (read here: dominating) males who run roughshod over the females who immediately fall in love. Still, love the author.

This Magic Moment
Ryan Swan has spent her whole life trying to show her father that she is just as good as having a son. She even made herself into the perfect employee in his production company. But she's up against her hardest obstacle yet, Pierce Atkins, a magician they've booked to do a television special. She's attracted to him and it's causing her to be distracted from her job.
Search for Love
Serenity Smith lost both her parents but she has recently been contacted by the grandmother she never new she had. Serenity decides to fly to France to connect with the last of her family. there she meets Christophe Kergallen, her grandmother's step-grandson. He is suspicious of Serenity's motives since her grandmother is very wealthy. Subplot: it seems that Serenity's mother was engaged when her parents met. Her parents ran away together at the same time a valuable painting disappeared.
The Right Path
The longest of the three stories. This one is about a UN interpreter who has traveled to Greece to visit her friend. Morgan James is expecting a relaxing, if somewhat boring, vacation. However, one night, as she is swimming on the beach, Morgan encounters a man wielding a knife. It turns out that the knife-man is the fabulously wealthy and incredibly sexy man. She's not sure if he's on the right side of the law but she knows she is falling in love...

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