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really liked it
bookshelves: zombies-r-bitey, creepy-children

now no one can yell at me ever again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjGkB...

argh, another tricky-to-review book.

i think it's safe to discuss the fact that this book is about zombies. that cat is outta that bag. but it's one of those new spins on the zombie-tale, like Raising Stony Mayhall and Zone One and The Reapers are the Angels, where the focus is not "run away from zombies aaaaaahhhh," but one which comes at the zombie story from a social philosophy angle as the survivors struggle with the responsibility of remaining human and redefining humanity in a world in which they are outnumbered by monsters, here known as "hungries."

which makes it sound SO zzzzzzzzz.

so let me back up because there is PLENTY of action in this puppy. we got guns and zombie kids and mad scientists and marauding gangs and attacks and close calls and a wallop of a reversal in the ending that kicks the predecessors of zombie lit's ass.

and now for some secrets, for those of you who have read the book:

(view spoiler)

okay, we're finished in there.

so, yeah - this book is pretty great. it has all the action of a horror novel, but it's definitely a character-driven novel, and it's surprisingly poignant. melanie is such a great character. you really feel for her in her struggles to resist the impulses generated by her hunger:

Melanie is moving forward and pulling backward at the same time. A man with a big dog on a leash and she's both of them, straining against the tether of her own will.

and for her equally powerful hunger for love, acceptance, and understanding. but it's not all hippie shit - she still has these wonderful feral attributes, which combination of qualities i am a sucker for:

my GIRL!

when i was barreling towards the ending of this, i was crossing my mental fingers for a sequel, but when that ending hit, i completely changed my mind, because i think it finished with a perfect emphatic period that would only be diminished by a return to the story.

all told, a great addition to zombie lit, and i am so glad i squeezed it into my giant wobbling "must read this very minute" stack.

come to my blog!
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karen i know!!! BEA ran out on me!!! i will have to buy it like a regular person!! which i will, and soon. it looks like i will love it. i am jealous.

Kelly Spoer karen wrote: "i know!!! BEA ran out on me!!! i will have to buy it like a regular person!! which i will, and soon. it looks like i will love it. i am jealous."


karen this is the book i most regret missing at BEA. i'm not going to complain, because i did really really well for myself and others this year, but there were a handful of missed opportunities, and this was the most hurtful. and the yellowest.

Kelly Spoer well it is amazing. and you'll be done with it in like, 2 hours or something. i'm almost done with it.

karen let me know when you review it, so i can be all envious and shit.

unknown you are TOTALLY going to give this book ALL THE STARS.

karen argh. BEA - WHY SO CRUEL TO ME?

unknown you know it is out now right? i am supposed to be getting a copy since i included it in my june SF roundup but i already have the audio so if i get it in the next few days you can has it.

karen oh, grand! i buy my books on wednesdays, so if you don't has it by then, i will just get it at the bn, but if you do then i will gladly take it off your hands with hearts and hearts. thank you!




Kelly Spoer karen wrote: "I AM READING IT"


karen noooo - i am going to go read more now, though!

Kelly Spoer I had a dream last night, where you finished the book and you hated it. Like hated it so much. And I cried. In the dream. Not in real life.

How many people dream about book reviews? This girl apparently.

karen that is the cutest thing i have ever heard.

and i hate to shatter your dreams, but i do not hate it at all!

Kelly Spoer dreams are meant to be shattered.

karen ha!! like this??

Kelly Spoer Yes. exactly like that. Waterboarding and all.

karen and now i understand your intimations on some of my other review threads!

message 22: by Jim (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jim No doubt your review will make a shambles of mine in comparison, but it was really good, I thought. I tried not to give too much away. Looking forward to your review.

karen i'm looking forward to it, too, because i have no idea what to say or how much!

message 24: by Jim (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jim I'm sure you will sink your sharpened teeth into it! :)

karen hee hee!

Trudi Haha, great review! I have to say, I loved the ending as well. My jaw dropped and I shivered with delight.

karen yeesh! i didn't even post this to the feed yet! you are finders of hidden reviews!

Aishie Real life is getting in the way of reading this-aah!

message 30: by TL (new) - rated it 4 stars

TL :)Great review Karen


and I felt the same way about the ending!

karen see how i finally read it!?

Kelly Spoer karen wrote: "see how i finally read it!?"

I see!

I'm still surprised I read this before you.

unknown i didn't find out this was about zombies until right before i read it. the blurb i read was "i don't want to spoil this book for you so i will just say it is a really good zombie book."

well thanks buddy, that basically eliminates all the mystery from the first 50 pages. that's cool. i mean, i probably would have figured it out pretty quickly but if you don't want to spoil the book for someone why would you tell them what it is about? it is like, if you watch the sixth sense, you can tell the movie doesn't want you to know the boy sees ghosts until he tells bruce willis that. but of course it was in all of the trailers.

karen oh, did i do a bad thing? every review i read was like "zombie zombie zombie."

unknown No I mean it is too late now anyway. This was weeks before publication. Also your review is marked spoilers. Though the book doesn't want you to know it is one. Hard to say.

karen i will try not to spoil the sequel: the girl with all the grits

message 38: by Jim (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jim I guess Joel wants you to be the Girl With All the Guilts.

message 39: by Paquita Maria (new)

Paquita Maria Sanchez Oh my god karen did you just make a pun?

message 40: by Paquita Maria (new)


karen noooo!!! is just wordplay!!! nothing to see here!

pdbkwm The ending was pretty great, eh? I, like you, wanted a sequel, but the ending was great that I'd be annoyed if another book was made.

karen it was a roller coaster of emotions of wanting and then not-wanting. phew - exhausted

message 44: by Paquita Maria (new)

Paquita Maria Sanchez karen wrote: "noooo!!! is just wordplay!!! nothing to see here!"

Ohhh, I'm gonna totally make so much pun of you for this!

karen just don't tell my dad!

Andrea Sounds good--I ordered it.

Kelly Spoer the first ten chapters are/were free to read. You find out about the zombie thingies really early on too. So while I can see it's kinda a spoiler, i think it really doesn't effect much.

Wendy Darling karen wrote: "yeesh! i didn't even post this to the feed yet! you are finders of hidden reviews!"

Stalker of books (and reviewers) I love.

karen yay! i accept half of that compliment!

message 50: by [deleted user] (new)

awesome review karen ;)

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