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Twisted Engagement by Sandi K. Whipple
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** spoiler alert ** I received my copy of Twisted Engagement from the author through the Goodreads First Reads program. I'd give the book a 3.5 star rating if I had the opportunity.

As her wedding day approaches, Lilly Andrews comes to the realization that she truly does not love her fiancé and decides to call off the wedding. Concerned about the implications this decision will have on her parents and their country club friends, including her fiancé David's family, Lilly first seeks her parents blessing in ending the arrangement. They take the news better than David does. Brisk and cutting, David accuses Lilly of having affairs, his anger level rising throughout their meeting. To clear her thoughts and focus on the future, Lilly takes her best friend Sue's advice, sells her restaurant and leaves New York for Everley Flats, Colorado in search of a fresh perspective and new location to open a restaurant. Aboard the tiny aircraft, Lilly meets Glenn Parsons, the owner of the hotel she will be staying at. Romance blooms between the two, and interestingly enough, Sue arrives in town and falls for the General Manager, Jim Hanson. But all is not well, a string of strange coincidences, unlocked doors, repeated run ins with a blue Bronco, dead air phone calls, a mystery man inquiring about Lilly, all herald the coming of danger. David is out to let Lilly know she has made a mistake in leaving him.

This was a quick read, and I could tell that the author had fun writing it as I had a smile on my face reading it. The characters were bubbly and energetic, there was humourous banter and I particularly liked the way Lilly's character strengthened and decided to move forward with plans rather than lounge around the hotel basking in the newness of a flirtation/burgeoning romance. I did find, however, that I wanted to give Lilly and Sue a good shake on several occasions. Despite the fact that David is a jerk, and an odd-duck, neither girl puts together the pieces: Sue thinks she sees someone who looks like David several times at the airport, doors being left ajar, windows in vehicles left down during winter, flat tires, the same vehicle being seen repeatedly, once is a near hit and run! These facts are quickly shrugged off with a "I really need a martini," or "But I was sure I locked the door, I guess I didn't pull it hard enough." Really?? Interestingly enough, Lilly's first rental car experience with the flat-tire that was actually shot out is just waved off with humour, yet Glenn had the police chief look into it. I can't quite place this incident, I would think that it is David at the beginning of his stalk, yet he himself later claims that he had to wait to follow Sue to find out where Lilly was. Was it really just a hunter with a wayward bullet? When the foursome finally does become aware of David's intentions, the crisis mounts quickly. Undercover police officers are called in, and Lilly and her crew are whisked off to a mountainous fishing cabin to hide out ... but David finds them in the end. His moody, stalking behaviour and now murderous intent is explained by him having suffered from schizophrenia throughout his life. Apparently, over the last two years, while engaged to Lilly, David has been off his meds.

The writing itself was a little stiff and formal, but did seem to relax a little near the end of the book, and as I said previously, the dialogue contained a humourous banter and casual nature that I found enjoyable.

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